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Green Carnation : Light of Day, Day of Darkness

When I first heard this album I immediately was sold. Containing just one, 60 minute, song, Green Carnation has created an album that I simply can not do justice with words. This truly epic and majestic album grabs you and takes you on a musical journey. I could very clinically describe all the different styles found on this album, give you references to other bands, but somehow I feel that would diminish the grandeur of this album. 'Light of Day, Day of Darkness' is not just music, it is an experience, a journey! I'm always sceptical to call music "art", but in this case I have no doubts, this is art in its purest - avantagde - form.

If I perhaps dare to make one comparison, it would be to Devil Doll's 'The Girl who was Death'. Not just because that album also exists out of one extremely long song, but both albums have that epic storytelling feel to them as well. 'Light of Day, Day of Darkness' however has a much fuller sound, it is epic, bombastic and shines with grandeur, while it lacks the insanity of Mr. Doctor. Both however offer you a musical journey.

'Light of Day, Day of Darkness' is filled with slush guitars, orchestral parts and comfortably mixes together musical and vocal styles which you wouldn't think of to fit together on one album, let alone one song! Every single detail seems to have been thought about and has been put there for a reason, everything makes sense. More so, despite all the different styles and its length, this feels like one complete song, one journey. I didn't once have the feeling that it got boring or that something did not fit. The music flows forward in perfect unity.

The experience of the various band members and their talent shines throughout the entire album. It takes more than just talent to write an album as this, it takes experience, and you must know exactly what you're doing. Obviously Tchort has both and so do the other members of Green Carnation, all seasoned veterans of other major heavyweights (Emperor, In the Woods..., etc.). My advice would be to get this album asap and experience it for yourself. As I said at the beginning of this review, I lack to words to describe it. I would only not recommend it if you are into the short rock & roll type of songs and not a fan of lush musical arrangements. As I said, this is a journey, an experience, not a collection of a songs!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Light of Day, Day of Darkness

Duration : Approx. 60 minutes

Visit the Green Carnation bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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