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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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A one man project by Knut Farstad. Slow, sludgy and extremely distorted brooding doom with ambient and post-rock influences. Inspired by bands like Esoteric<...
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Goat Horn : Voyage To Nowhere

Thirsty and miserable? I don't think so. These young Canadians have the first part of the classic St. Vitus formula down, but I think they are far from miserable. In fact, the evidence points to the fact that they are having a damned good time, boozing and playing their own particular brand of old-school-influenced doom, dubbed "rotten roll".

The sound features classic wall-of-distortion guitar and bass, rough (but not brutal) vocals, and truly doomed drums creating a kind of mid-tempo noise that immediately made me think that these guys must cane hard live.

One of the best tunes, 'Eternal Quest for Eternal Happiness', was reportedly written in 20 minutes for an earlier demo session, and since The Ramones ruled, there hasn't been such a satisfying tune which was written so quickly.

Although they've obviously been influenced by members of the old-school pantheon such as Cathedral, Wino, and 'Sabbath, they've also got a dash of stoner (Kyuss, 'Copters), black, and even death in the mix, and it works beautifully.

And let's not forget that sense of humor. Does humor belong in doom? Write them at goathorn@drink.to and find out.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Goat Horn
2. Alcoholic Faith
3. Eternal Conquest for Eternal Happiness
4. Shattered Dream
5. Voyage to Nowhere
6. Wasted Warrior
7. Doom March

Duration : Approx. 33 minutes

Visit the Goat Horn bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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