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Slow Death/Doom act that has remained unknown to most people. Their sound is like most early death/doom metal bands from the early 90s. Slow plodding Doom, slow...
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Giant Brain : Plume

Giant Brain's 'Plume' is a left-handed hook out of the blue from a label that specializes in the finest of stoner/Detroit metal, from Valis to Novadriver to Sasquatch. Once you give it a listen, however, the connection may be a bit clearer. The moral of the story is that when a label is known for producing quality discs, it's worth your time to check out everything they do, 'cause they may have an ace up their sleeve that you don't know about.

'Plume' may be off-putting at first, recalling as it does a certain vein of 70s Krautrock, i.e. the mechano-trance motorik of Neu! and Kraftwerk and the plain ole' trance of Can at their most repetitive. Mix in a bit of trip hop and more recent groups like (early) Pharoah Overlord and you're close. The songs, which are 99% instrumental and blend together, typically start with a simple guitar or electronic figure which is soon augmented by more electronic effects and some garage-band drums and driving bass. This will slowly morph and progress from one phase to another, which can be either more or less effective, depending on your preferences. At its best, it's an adrenalized soundtrack for an android road race, and at its worst it's.....well....kind of dull. In all cases, however, Phil Durr (ex-) contributes beautiful, psychedelic guitar solos that always save the day. To these ears, the guitar is what really ties it to other label releases.

With albums like this one and the recently-released disc by Slot, Small Stone have shown that they can expand their sound without sacrificing quality. God bless 'em! Their sense of adventure is our gain.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Ausgesetzt *
2. Looper
3. Die Festzeit *
4. Krauter *
5. Der Americanische Albtraum *

1. Suspended
3. The Fixed Time
4. Herbalizer
5. The American Nightmare

Duration : Approx. 48 minutes

Visit the Giant Brain bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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