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Classic revisited

Galactus 77 : Empire of the Eye

New Brunswick, Canada's kings of cataclysm, Galactus 77, are back with another heavy-as-hell exploration into the nethermost realms of sludgey fuzzdom, and it is good. Although the lucky owners of their previous effort, 2002's 'Launch Orbit Land Repeat' will certainly recognize their powerful blend of rocked-out, sludgey doom, they've improved over the past couple of years: the songwriting is better and the delivery more confident.

I think the group got their name from a comic book villain first found in Fantastic Four #48. And yes, ole' Galactus can be found in issue...uh..77 as well. Before we go any further, I need to call out the artwork on this bad boy, courtesy of Italian stoner god/artists Malleus. It features Galactus-related artwork, and the colours are nothing short of gorgeous; their best work since the M-Squad cover. Galactus 77's music might best be characterized as jointcore or progressive sludge. Jason and Shaun's guitar/bass work is drenched in heaviness and fuzz, tight as a penny in a miser's clawed grip. In a sense Chris' percussive drum attack leads the group, with fills galore and a sharp cymbal attack. Dangerous Dan Hodgson's vocals never stop shredding; it makes you wonder if the guy still has a speaking voice by the time an album is finished. The music is heavy of course, but full of rhythmic change-ups, beautiful guitar tone, pounding drums, and elements of psychedelia and heavy doom. This tuneage is not for the squeamish: lovers of Entombed, Church of Misery, Cuda, early Clutch, Artimus Pyledriver, and Weedeater will deem this an essential purchase.

For reasons best known to themselves, the many worthy labels in our community have yet to sign Galactus 77. With their finely crafted music and splurge on the album art, the group have demonstrated that they care about their music and the detail that goes with it. Give these recalcitrant labels the back of your hand and show everyone that you're on the cutting edge of doomy sludge by ordering up from these fine gentlemen at the above-referenced site. After that, all you'll need is some "Jim Beam and good green".

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Empire of the Eye
2. I, Mastodon
3. Liquid Scratches
4. Greenbone
5. Year of the Salamander
6. Gramman
7. Maybe We Knew

Duration : Approx. 32 minutes

Visit the Galactus 77 bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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