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Death/Doom band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The first demo had a raw and aggressive edge to it; the subsequent one brought in a musically more downbeat melodic/...
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Galactus 77 : Launch Orbit Land Repeat

When one thinks of the hottest stoner/doom centers on the planet, names like Maryland, New Jersey, California, Sweden, England, and Australia (among others) come to mind. How about New Brunswick, Canada? No? Well, it only goes to show that some of the best tunes can rise from the most unlikely of places. One of these days, I'll be telling you about some innovative group from Missouri, USA. On second thought...nah, that's ludicrous.

In the meantime, Galactus 77 has been forging their own unique blend of doom, crust, and stoner up there in the wilds of Canada. They've been doing their homework, because it sounds like an angry blend of Clutch, Eyehategood, Electric Wizard, Unsane, southern stoner, and grindcore in general. Phew! Don't ask me how, but it works unsanely (heh heh) well, and it gets better with repeat listens. The intro tune, 'Barbed Wire Halo,' starts off uptempo before hitting one of the record's many rhythmic changeups, allowing waves of doomy sludge to wash out of the speakers, centered on Jason McAllister's rather tasty guitar harmonies. I particularly like 'Lady Green', with its more laid-back southern stoner feel. 'Solarnaut' kicks in with some great psych backwards drums before bringing on the doomy sludge, and 'Slaves of Neptune' has some hard-to-resist cool descending riffage going on.

Throughout the disc, vocalist Dan Hodgson sounds like a razor blade gargling mixture of Alabama Thunderpussy's Johnny Throckmorton and Neil Fallon from Clutch, pushed through a grind filter, with a dash of later Church of Misery and Electric Wizard thrown in. Shaun Crawford's bass is in-there tight, with a tone above reproach, and Chris Crawford's drums. Man, that guy's got the human octopus thing going. I get a fearful feeling that these guys are not to be missed live.

Galactus 77 has been working overtime out there on the stoner/doom frontier. Show 'em some love by dropping them a line and ordering up something different for your collection. In the meantime, somebody please sign these guys. Game Two? Relapse? Got your 3rd eyes open??

Band Contact:
12 Murray Avenue
Sussex, New Brunswick
E4E 1J3

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Barbed Wire Halo
2. Lady Green
3. Solarnaut
4. Seventy Seven
5. Slaves of Neptune
6. Locust Noose
7. Cylon Rising

Duration : Approx. 26 minutes

Visit the Galactus 77 bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
Aesthetic Death
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