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Old Witch is crushingly heavy Sludge Doom; the most tortured parts are counterbalanced by cinematic atmospherics that add a lot of depth to the music. Un...
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Gloomy Sunday : Beyond Good and Evil

Gloomy Sunday is a brutally distorted and heavy sludge crew from Sweden. 'Beyond Good and Evil' is this outfit’s first release, and spares no heaviness. The band utilizes guitar distortion that is far fuzzier than even the noisiest of demos, yet clean in a way that is difficult to explain. Poor recording quality is not an issue, yet the fuzz seems enough to make one’s eardrums bleed (trust me; this is not a bad thing). Heavier and angrier than most sludge, I would compare this album more with old traditional doom bands like St. Vitus, but this is also different from what you would expect with that comparison. The guitar doesn’t drone in the background, but comes out of the speakers and punches you in the chest as a scratchy voice underneath screams at you. This band has created a sound that is slow enough to be doom; however, the fuzzy guitar and pounding drums are reminiscent of early brutal grind acts such as Sore Throat and Doom (the band). I have strong sentiments for this fuzz, because it reminds me of old RAW d-beat like Disclose, Discharge, Atrocious Madness, or what have you.

Again, I must comment that in my mind, Gloomy Sunday has bridged the gap between raw punk and doom. Hear me out - that statement should not make sense, but when you listen to this album with the punk mindset that I know most of us have had or do have, you will be blown away.

'Burn Out the Sun' stands out on this album for me, because it contains a repeated theme in this dark music that we love; that theme is, of course, the end of the sun and the embrace of eternal darkness. Directly after this, a song called 'End Trip' beats my quiet mind out of my thick skull. I knew right away when the song started that THIS IS PUNK! The speed of the song is not too fast to be doom, yet fast enough and aggressive enough to circle the pit to. Gloomy Sunday has created a noisy, unforgiving atmosphere that is not suitable for most ears, and that is why I like it! Pick up this album and support these guys, whether or not you love the album, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Living Dead at the Tradecentre Morgue
2. Dead of Season
3. Xanor
4. Beyond the Light
5. Fluoxetin Selena
6. Burn Out the Sun
7. End Trip
8. Sunrise Casualty
9. Dead Love Autumn

Duration : Approx. 51 minutes

Visit the Gloomy Sunday bandpage.

Reviewed on 18-11-2007 by Cody Liebetrue
Forever Autumn
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