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The Fog in the Shell : A Secret North

This is one of those bands which you really can't put a label on. The music is slow, a tad sad and always calm. It has the lonely arid landscape feeling that many desert rock bands have, and some of the elements in the grooving sections also reminds one of that genre, but there is nothing reminiscent of stoner rock which desert rock is a subgroup of. Also, there are the math rock similarities which just aren't structured repetitive enough to be math rock. The elements of psychadelic rock are definitely present, but the groove doesn't allow them to be played as they should be to be psychadelic. The post rock elements are strong as well and the groove seems to best fit this label, yet the masses of other elements prevent it from ever becoming real post rock. Finally there are the sections of ambient and acoustic elements. The acoustic elements don't really shine because the ambience is so dominating when it's present, and the ambience is not complete because the acoustic guitar is too up front. What can I say? The Fog in the Shell is a band that has deliberately messed up a lot of genres and thus created very unique and very likeable rubbish.

The music is created by five men: a Croatian, a Finn, a Jew, a Mexican and a Turk. From the sound of the music it comes as no surprise that the line-up is a strange combination as well. Perhaps the lineup has caused the music to become like this? Nevertheless, they have managed to create very excellent music in my ears. It's very inspirational because you keep on reflecting over it. Also, its excellent for background music for sleeping.

It turns out that I'm not the only one having problems describing this. Other reviewers compare them as widely as Mogwai, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Neurosis. After having said all this, it's incredibly hard to find a target group for this kind of music. Perhaps someone looking for something completely new? Or perhaps someone that is looking for calm music with a slight groove, a feeling of warmer lands and calm nights, acoustics, and a touch of sadness to top it off...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The River
2. Livings' Dreams Are Deads' Lives
3. A Man Escaped
4. Rain
5. Toward The Crimson Eye
6. I Can Be The Chaos, They Can Be The Structure

Duration : Approx. 42 minutes

Visit the The Fog in the Shell bandpage.

Reviewed on 23-07-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
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