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Classic revisited

Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers : Joy Parade

The first thing that struck me when I heard this follow-up of the rather disappointing 'Swansongs', was the fact that the male vocals were gone in favour of female ones. A school friend (this is a very young band) of bassist Frederic called Stefanie has taken over the job from Manfred, who has now become one of the two guitarists. Another thing that struck me is that the music is not as boring as before.

We are still dealing with mellow, slow and sorrow filled music but the music has got more body this time around. This is undoubtely something they learned whilst being on tour with The 3rd and the Mortal (just listen to The 3rd' influences on a song like 'Trust'). Despite this, 'Joy Parade' is still not the most interesting album ever, but it is a step in the right direction.

While the music has improved, I am not that impressed with Stefanie's vocal abilities. It is rather clear that we are dealing with a friend of the band and not a trained vocalist, which is not a big deal unless the listener, like here, can clearly hear it. Her vocals are weak at best and make me long for the male vocals on 'Swansongs', German accent or not.

FT&WF. also seem to be quite keen on the use of spoken word samples. Just like on 'Swansongs', we occasionally hear talking in the background, which again sounds as if somebody accidentally left the TV on during the recording session, rather than adding to the music. I have the feeling that both 'Swansongs' and this album should have been demo's and not real releases. However, if you are heavily into gothic-metal, you might wish to check this out. It can be an enjoyable mellow CD to play on the background.

I guess even the band members found the band name too long, as they renamed themselves to just Flowing Tears/b> after this release.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Purple Red Soil
2. Gerion
3. Joy Parade
4. Bluefield
5. Odium
6. Trust
7. Sundrops
8. Spirals meet the Sea
9. Rainswept
10. The Day you took my Breath

Duration : Approx. 49 minutes

Visit the Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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