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Fall of the Idols : Womb Of The Earth

Well I guess that it was about time for this full length to be released. Finland’s Fall of the Idols, after several demo releases and a great mini CD back in 2004, now present their debut on Swedish I Hate Records.

For those who are familiar with the music of the Finnish Doomsters, I guess that the words are useless. Simply because Fall Of The Idols in this full length release presents the same qualified, inspired and to the point pure Doom Metal like their older releases. But if this full length CD will be the first one that someone would hear from this band, I guess that I have to analyze some things a little more.

Fall of the Idols play riff based, heavy Pure Doom Metal. Their characteristic riffing built in slow doomy tempos is the first musical element that someone will realize. Now someone may ask: "What else do some good doom riffs need in order to complete the puzzle of a good Doom song?" Well the answer is simple, first of all a solid and heavy as hell rhythm section is important. Yes, Fall of the Idols has it, drums and bass are simply the heaviest that you can imagine. The vocals are of course are a very important part of any good Doom song (maybe the most important?). Well the vocals in here are one of the most characteristic elements of the final puzzle: foggy, haunted vocals in polyphonic lines that give this characteristic final touch to the songs. Of course they are melodic but they carry something strange, something that will make you love or hate this band. Maybe it's the polyphonic structure of the vocal lines (two or more voices in almost every part of the song), but I can assure you that the vocals fit very well into the whole atmosphere of the album. If you still want to learn about the lead guitar themes of the songs included in this full length, because some may point out that the solos are also important in a good Doom song, I can assure you that they also fit perfectly with the whole haunted background of the album and that they are used to give more heaviness and more atmosphere in the songs.

Well, I really have nothing more to write. If you are into pure Doom Metal, then this record is a fucking must: haunted, foggy atmosphere, hellish heavy riffing, obscure vocal lines and heaviness, ultra fucking HEAVINESS. Those are the elements that you will find in here. All hail to Pure Doom Metal!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Sown Are The Seeds Of Doom
2. Atonement For The One
3. The Grand Act
4. Agonies Be Thy Children
5. Keep Wandering The Night
6. Ungodly Thirteen
7. The Walk
8. The Pathway

Duration : Approx. 65 minutes

Visit the Fall of the Idols bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Chris Papadakis
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