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The Fall of the Grey-Winged One : Death-Time-Emptiness

'Death-Time-Emptiness'. Familiar concepts that are somehow related in the human mind. For time leads inevitably to death and the emptiness beyond. Emptiness is the child of this unholy marriage of time with death. And time itself is subjected to the relativity of human perception, becoming a void and indeed 'empty' concept in the absence of an observer.

Nature, philosophy and science teach us that time is not only relative, but also circular. Time is subjected to the circularity of the Universe. Time bends space, distorts reality. Time itself is dependent on reality. Time dissolves in emptiness. Time is emptiness. And emptiness is death. So time is death.

The Grey-Winged One, this fallen, sad and lonely creature that we first got to know from the three tales of 'Aeons of Dreams', has grown up considerably. It has abandoned all notions of linearity and, ignoring any physical law, it chose to create its own reality: a parallel universe for some, the ultimate truth for those who really know: no-thingness. In this timeless and circular universe, there are no certainties. Contrary to what the title of this album suggests, death time and emptiness are not important here, as they all dissolve into another all-embracing concept: infinity.

It is infinity and its calculated unpredictability that lead this album. Time is bent arbitrarily, moving objects out of its way, forcing them to fly towards all directions. Death itself loses its cold grip on things, as the endless regeneration of themes suggests an approach which strives to eternity. And emptiness…becomes no-thingness, losing its threatening, terrifying impact on the human mind.

Where is all this leading to? Nobody, and I'm quite sure neither the creator of this work, really knows. The drones drift on and on, completely unpredictably, absolutely indifferent for what we call `reality` with our deceived minds. The human mind, always desperately trying to rationalize, to create laws governed by the goddess logic, is left helpless and powerless here, as logic doesn't apply on infinity and eternity. Only he who accepts what is offered without prejudice and categorizations can survive this un-human experience.

'Death-Time-Emptiness'. They deceive us into believing that they rule our lives, but in reality they are quite unimportant in the eyes of Infinity. Althus spoke the wise and timeless Grey-winged one.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Death
2. Time
3. Emptiness

Duration : Approx. 72 minutes

Visit the The Fall of the Grey-Winged One bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
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