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The Fall of the Grey-Winged One : Aeons of Dreams

The grey winged one must be one of the saddest creatures to ever pass through musical history. On 'Aeons of Dreams' he stretches his hand out to you, inviting you to join him in his sad fall from grace. Three lengthy tracks of mammoth proportions take you to places you would rather not have known. Such are the levels of sorrow and despair captured within this wretched creature's dream.

The Fall of the Grey Winged One is one of the multiple projects of Belgian multi-musician Stijn, best known from his main project Until Death Overtakes Me. With The Fall of the Grey Winged One he pushes the boundaries just a little further than ever before, fusing Funeral Doom, Drone and Dark Ambient together into one of the slowest and saddest Doom opuses ever recorded.

'Aeons of Dreams' is like an uncomfortable dream you can't wake up from. Unbearably slow and hypnotising, it makes you float further and further downward. Because no vocals or harsh guitars are used, it leaves you surrounded by empty, hollow soundscapes, with only bleak sounding guitars, that perfectly capture the emptiness of a soul who has given up on life itself, to keep you company. The slow rumbling and often distorted sounds have a tendency to suck you into an endless void, devoid of hope and leaving you feeling truly alone on the world. This Grey Winged One's fall is one of pure depression and a failure to enjoy the basic human joys in life.

There are no upbeat parts in this dream, there are no wailing vocals, and often there isn't even a beat. Only the endless rumbling sounds of the void, ultra slow bass lines, muddled FX and the distant cries of a sad guitar. This isn't the type of music you'd play at your local college party to get things going (other than people out the door). Nor can you wallow in romantic misery here or expect a good groove. This is suicide music pure and simple. Music for when you've given up on humanity, when there is no hope left anymore. If you're looking for a solid slab of metal mayhem, you're on the wrong address here. But if you've given up on life and are open minded towards dark ambient music then I highly recommend you get this album, lock the door, turn off al the lights and take the hand of the Grey Winged One.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Hate me
2. Aeons of Dreams
3. Locked

Duration : Approx. 64 minutes

Visit the The Fall of the Grey-Winged One bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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