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Fall of Empyrean : Fall of Empyrean

Few people are aware of Arizona’s Fall of Empyrean, let alone give them the attention they deserve. With two solid releases under their belt and a steady-rising fan base, Fall of Empyrean remains a totally original band while retaining a very familiar melodic sound.

The band’s self-titled demo completely blew me away. Few releases within the genre have sounded so brutal and intricate at the same time, without sounding mismatched or discordant. Consisting of four songs, it is a very solid, consistent and attention-grabbing recording from start to finish.

It is a solid showcase of darkness meets musicianship. The second track entitled 'Cascading Rivers of Black' definitely stands out, with its sweeping melodies and baroque influenced guitar passages. All very calm sounding, with a nice contrast from vocalist Richard Medina’s jagged growls. Beastly yet soothing, like some sort of deathlike caress. Totally lethal, yet completely welcomed.

The track 'Solar Journey' does feel a bit lost in the beginning, though. The demo would feel a bit more tied together if the verse in the song was a bit more solid. All in all it is a great track, although not one that represents the high points of the demo very well.

Finally the release closes with the song entitled 'This Sanguine Farewell', which is the perfect closing track. It is the most melodic and sorrowful track on the release, and by far the most fulfilling. The guitar harmonies in the ending of the song especially stand out, as they compliment the vocals extremely well.

All in all, the listener has a very complete, satisfied feeling once the CD has finished. That’s what I favoured in particular about this demo. It includes the daily dose of melodic twists, along with a full serving of ample heaviness. Add the brutal vocals and solid drumming, and it fulfils even the most refined of listeners. This puppy has it all.

Unfortunately the demo is out of print, but all four tracks are still available for download on the Fall of Empyrean homepage (www.fallofempyrean.com). Fans of crushing death/doom and fans of timeless melodies alike should inquire in this release, as it is not one to be passed up!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Behind Vacant Eyes
2. Cascading Rivers of Black
3. Solar Journey
4. This Sanguine Farewell

Duration : Approx. 24 minutes

Visit the Fall of Empyrean bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Neil Laperriere
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