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Faith : Sorg

Mentioning the Swedish Doomsters Faith I must for sure point out that they are one of the strangest Doom Metal bands around. Even from their early 7" EP 'Hymns To A Sinner' their Doom Metal was carrying a special obscure feeling. This specific feeling was the main reason that their music still remains a strange secret even from people deep into Doom Metal. The point is that very few could understand this band that after all has managed to build a very special personal sound.

Their latest album 'Sorg' is released by the Italian based label Doom Symphony - a division of Underground Symphony. Being a fan of the strange, obscure Doom Metal of this band, I had high expectations for this CD that is actually the new starting point of the band's reactivation.

Listening to the album, someone will meet many strange elements attached to the music of the band that is based in heavy riffs and slow tempos. In this album Faith are approaching even more avante garde musical paths trying to attach such musical elements in their Doom Metal. Electronic elements, modern riffing and strange vocals are some other features that can be heard in here. The band for surely has many good ideas as far as the main parts of their Doom Metal compositions - for example, we can hear many interesting and heavy as hell riffs here and there, but even those good parts are loosing their strength just because of that strange and out of point, in my opinion, avante garde touch that Faith tries to give to their final songs. From time to time I have the feeling that the band sets a higher goal just to sound strange and different; and in order to succeed on this goal, they are losing the main point of a Doom Metal album that in my opinion is the heaviness, the melody and the strong feeling. Even that strange and obscure atmosphere of the older Faith stuff is not presented in here.

In a few words, I was really disappointed from this specific album which could be better and more interesting in many ways. I am sure that Faith can do better than this.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Emotional Retard
2. The Day I Died
3. Winter
4. Star Child
5. Bride Of Christ
6. SöK
7. Star Child Part II
8. What Would I Do Without Me?
9. Skogsrået/Finngalkn

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Faith bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Chris Papadakis
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