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Euthanasia : Ceremony of Innocents

This album starts with a semi-acoustic guitar intro that makes one expect middle-eastern influenced folk rock. It turns out to be folk influenced atmospheric metal. Many songs on this album start with a folky sounding riff, played with (semi-) acoustic guitar or keyboards, followed by guitars repeating the melody for the rest of the song. Again (see: Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, and the latest Dissolving of Prodigy) it seems that doom from the Czech Republic is very much influenced by the local folk tradition. Having heard a couple of those albums, I start to get used to the sound and to like it a lot.

This album shows a lot of variety in the appearance of the songs. Some are mid tempo, contain death metal riffs and grunts, but follow folky melody lines. Others have clean vocals, sometimes even multiple vocals (resulting in a choir effect, only male) and almost pure folk parts. Some songs are even pretty up tempo and closer to melodic death than doom.

Besides the two references I gave, also hints to the sound of the Polish Sirrah are present, especially in the use of dual vocals styles and melodic guitar lines. Keyboards add some extra dimension, but are almost exclusively used in the background, or for a strange intro, as e.g. in 'Another Sunset'. Influences from as far as death and even black metal to Pink Floyd and local folk can be recognized, blended together in an album that is nice in its genre (fans of Sirrah will certainly like it), has its great moments (the title track and the choir in 'Revenge Day' are absolutely stunning!) but needs to be still a little stronger to really make it to the top of the genre. Nevertheless, this is a fine, doomy melodic metal album, and a band to keep in mind.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Ceremony of Innocents
2. Thanatophobia
3. Winter Depression
4. The Ancient Echoes
5. Law for Burnt to Death
6. The Last Gate
7. Revenge Day
8. Another Sunset
9. The Hate
10. Cruel Damned World
11. Shorel Jsi V Jejim Tele

Duration : Approx. 53 minutes

Visit the Euthanasia bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Arnstein H. Pettersen
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