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The Eternal : Sleep Of Reason

Only a year after the debut, The Eternal are back with a new full-length. As can be read above, I wasn't that impressed with the previous effort, but with me, everyone gets a new chance with each new release. That seems only fair.

So, what can we say about 'Sleep of Reason'? Something that has, if not improved, stayed the same is the outstanding level of musicianship, artwork and production. No points lost there, as this is in all those respects a highly professional release. Another relatively constant factor is the general sound of the band. It still is, for the larger part, rather lightweight melodic and melancholic metal. Mark Kelson's vocals are also very strong on this release. Here and there the style is a little softer, with some emotional rockish songs in the mix.

Some of the more heavy songs stand out positively, in particular 'To Drown', 'Hollow Inside', and the slightly long-drawn 'Weight of Empathy'. On the whole, sadly enough, I'm left with the same feeling I had after listening to the previous album. It all goes down slick as butter (perhaps a bit too slick), but doesn't leave any impressions. For some reason, The Eternal are dangling between two worlds. This album is too easy going and leaves too few scars, so to speak, to appeal to lovers of serious, brooding underground music. On the other hand, the album does not contain enough variation or catchy hooks, and is therefore too long to truly appeal to a large audience.

Personally, being someone that demands a lot from most music, I would love to see this band turn more towards catering to underground music lovers. On the other hand, if the band wants to be known to a large audience, they would have to take a diametrically opposed direction. In the end, a band caters in the first to itself, so The Eternal should try and make up their minds about which way they want to go. Until then: sorry, decent album, but all too redundant.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Awaken, Arise
2. Everlasting
3. To Drown
4. A Soul Undone
5. Hollow Inside
6. In My Skin
7. A Dream's End
8. Beneath the Soil
9. Sleep of Reason
10. The Dying Light
11. Weight of Empathy

Duration : Approx. 59 minutes

Visit the The Eternal bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Oscar Strik
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