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Endymion : Apocrypha

Endymion is an obscure, underground entity having as its sole member U. Amtey, to some perhaps better known as the founder and editor of the renowned underground e-zine Erebus Magazine. Endymion released two demo's and this album until its founder decided to disband it - because two other existing bands bear the same name - and continue with his other project Isidore in a different musical direction.

However, it is clear that Endymion was never destined to reach a wide underground audience. Only a few tapes circulated with this band's material until U. Amtey recently decided to throw this 'Apocrypha' album on MP3.com. Moreover, the album was recorded with an 8-track recorder. Background hiss, the obscure total sound and the sharp guitar tone create a truly underground ambience.

The band's sound can't be easily defined. The music is slow, bleak and extremely nihilistic. Monotonous, dissonant riffs are endlessly repeated, creating a suffocating atmosphere of apathy and emptiness. A deep, monotonous grunt adds its own unpleasant colour, making sure that the desolate atmosphere keeps the listener firmly at its grip. At first, the songs seem to unfold without creating any emotional response, but this inaccesible material eventually grows on the listener and can even get addictive for a certain - limited - audience.

Although the author clearly succeeds in creating a nihilistic, hopeless atmosphere, there are some shortcomings that could cause a part of this band's 'potential audience' no to be that impressed. A few 'technical' mistakes in the execution of the songs can be easily forgiven, as they contribute to the spontaneous 'feel' of this album. But it would have certainly been a great improvement if the drums sounded a bit more powerful in the mix. Using a drum computer is hardly the issue here - just try to find a 'good' drummer who is willing to play exclusively slow and you'll understand what I mean - but if the drum sounded more clear and in the front of the mix, the listener would hardly notice that a drum computer is used here. Furthermore, the dry guitar sound has both its positive aspects and its limitations. It's certainly positive that it adds to the monotony and dissonance of this album, while the short album length doesn't allow the listener to get tired by its perpetual repetitions. I however strongly believe that if the composer had more and better material to execute his ideas with, he would have been able to add that extra surplus that 'spices up' a desolate dark doom album, like f.i. Dolorian's unique guitar effects and diSEMBOWELMENT's minimalistic clean guitar use.

Nevertheless, there are only a few bands that dare create such an icecold, numb ambience - and also succeed in this. Fans of the two aforementioned bands and/or other nihilistic underground deities like Evoken, Hierophant and Esoteric should know were to look now in their continuous search for young dissonant blood...

The album can be downloaded from MP3.com at http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/335/endymion_-_apocrypha.html.

[edit by admin.: After MP3.com decided to sell out to the major labels they kicked out all bands not signed to these labels. I have unfortuenately not found any new sources for this album.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Aegis of Apollo
2. Child of the Eclipse
3. The Day of Doom is Upon Us
4. Drawing Down the Moon
5. Ever After
6. Somnus

Duration : Approx. 39 minutes

Visit the Endymion bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
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