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Started out in 1986 as a hardcore/punk act, they have since evolved into a brutal doom/death act. The music is gloomy, and depressive at times, while still ret...
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Electric Wizard : Come My Fanatics.../Electric Wizard

This 1999 Rise above release contains both the 1994 'Come My Fanatics…' album as the Wizard's self-titled debut. Almost 100 minutes of mind-expanding, intoxicating riffs able to transform your room into a stoner temple bathing in suffocating, thick layers of smoke: not bad, me thinks.

The first CD contains the 'Come My Fanatics…' album, which is nothing short of one of the heaviest stoner doom albums ever created. The thick guitar distortion in combination with the extremely low, rambling bass sound, get through directly to one's nervous system, creating a mind-numbing mental state and an unhealthy craving for every kind of intoxicants. However, one should be careful when listening to this album under influence of mind altering stuff, because Jus Oborn's maniacal screams could easily induce a bad trip.

Quite remarkable are also the hateful lyrics on this album: "I hope your fuckin' world fuckin' burns away/I'd kill you all if I had my way." Hmm, nice guys. Sometimes the 'Wizard completely loses it, tripping further and further away in outer space in the company of monotonous female vocals, spacy guitar effects and other psychedelic violence ('Ivixor B/phase inducer'). But mostly, the heavy riffs simply kill, kicking every one's ass and especially of those who still think that Electric Wizard is a stoner rock band. Hallo! This is doom-METAL, and moreover of the most intense and heavy kind.

The second disc contains the band's self-titled debut. No pervasive guitar sound and inhumanly low bass sound here, just riff-based traditional doom in the good old 'Sabbath tradition. This is not to say that this album is not heavy or uninteresting, killer riffs in tracks like 'Devils Bride' or 'Black Butterfly' can make your day if you're in the mood for riff-based doom. And surprise, Jus Oborn doesn't sound like a maniac any more! I bet that many old-school doom fans will probably prefer this album, although I miss a bit the psychotic madness of 'Come My Fanatics…' here.

So you're into stoner doom and you dig bands like Cathedral and most Southern Lord releases? Check out Electric Wizard, because it's some heavy shit!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
CD1: 'Come My Fanatics...'
1. Return Trip
2. Wizard in Black
3. Doom-Mantia
4. Ivixor B/Phase Inducer
5. Son of Nothing
6. Solarian 13

CD2: 'Electric Wizard'
1. Stone Magnet
2. Mourning Prayer
3. Mountains of Mars
4. Behemoth
5. Devils Bride
6. Black Butterfly
7. Electric Wizard
8. Wooden Pipe

Duration : Approx. 98 minutes

Visit the Electric Wizard bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
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