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Electric Magma : Snail the Wah

Despite being the Land of Kyuss, it seems that more often than not you have to go beyond America's borders these days for a tasty bongload of fuzz. Such is the case with Ontario's Electric Magma, an instrumental power trio of no small ability. They've been around for 12 long years, though this is only their third album. It appears, however, that this group of heavy psych heads are just beginning to hit their stride.

One of the fun things about being an instro band is making up great song titles. If you're Karma to Burn you give 'em numbers that only make sense to you (if that), and if you're Electric Magma you come up with 'Last Shadows and Diatribes of an Albino Groundhog'. That ranks up there with Roger Waters' 'Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict'. In that spirit Electric Magma has served up an album of instro mindfunk, with classic riffs awash in Zep and 'Sabbath heaviness, then drenched it in post-Kyuss Eurofuzz before serving it up in two beefy portions. Part One is the studio stuff, with well thought-out songwriting showcasing guitar harmonies and killer riffs aplenty in a kinda sorta tightly-knit format. Part Two is the studio improvs and jamming. As you would expect, it's looser, with a murky underwater psych vibe and a generous dollop of inspired quirkiness.

To my mind Hawkwind produced the ultimate contact high album with 'Space Ritual', back in 1973. Electric Magma seems to be after a similar grail, but on their own program. Good thing, 'cause 'Space Ritual' represents a psychedelic space monolith that can never again be equalled. 'Magma's worthy efforts will inspire your mind in it's own way, in a burst of psychedelic creativity that's bound to please. How do you feel about instrumental albums? If you're like me, they tend to bore you after a while, and I'll admit that the thought occurred to me that the group might have shaved off a minute here and there. But they're certainly better than most at maintaining interest without the focal point of a vocalist. Snail that wah baby!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Part One:
1. Intro Song
2. Red Dragon
3. Two Shots of Jager and the Bill
4. Snail the Way
5. Cusp of Aquarius
6. Aquarius
7. Attack of the Big Brown Eggs
8. Interlude

Part Two:
9. Beertastic Bongfoolery
10 Last Shadows and Diatribes of an Albino Groudhog
11. Rage of the Desert Love Song
12. Bongtastic Beerfoolery
13. Lacuna Crush

Duration : Approx. 70 minutes

Visit the Electric Magma bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
Forever Autumn
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