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Dust : High Density Amplitude

This German band has been around since 1998 and after four demos, but still without a label contract, they finally release an album. Some of the tracks here are re-recordings of ones that have appeared earlier on the demos. But despite it being a DIY recording, the album is quite professional. Good quality recording, excellent cover and professional printing of the CD. The only exception is the front cover. It has large pixels, ruining much of the image and might seed some doubt on how professional the album really is.

Dust produces probably the most aggressive stoner/doom I've ever heard. Any and all relaxed parts, as mentioned in the 'Dust' review (their 2002 demo), are now completely gone. This time it's dripping with sludge influences and a nasty aura. It's heavy, it's filthy and it's completely fucked up. The vocals are utterly negative, core-style vokills. Many of the lyrics even resemble the self-hate philosophy of Grief. In other words, this is very decent proof that stoner rock isn't all about being high and laid-back.

Although this is still a stoner/doom record, I think I'd first and foremost recommend this to those who like sludge because of the attitude and feeling. Those who like their stoner a little more green should probably avoid this. Those who don't mind the black bile should feel right at home. In other words, this is for fans of Grief, late YOB or Crowbar.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Psychoactive Breakdown
2. Performed Misanthropy
3. A Simple Man's Fate
4. Too Late, Still Blind
5. Instant Demon
6. Got Any War Inside
7. In Love With Pain
8. Be Warned
9. Soon To Come

Duration : Approx. 39 minutes

Visit the Dust bandpage.

Reviewed on 03-06-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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