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A solo project by Thomas Hand Chaste, ex-drummer with Death SS and Paul Chain Violet Theatre, amongst many other bands, Witchfield mixes Pr...
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Dolorian : Dolorian

It seems that our good Lord chose the year of the space odyssey to bestow his doom on us. Only the third month of this sacred year, and we are already blessed with new doom releases from Evoken, Cathedral, Warhorse... and now also the second opus of Dolorian! These young Finnish masters use unique, desolate paint brushes of grey coulours to catapult themselves in the absolute dark-metal top and in one of the first places of my personal favourites!

The main difference with their previous album 'When All The Laughter Has Gone', seems to be the different use of the vocals. This time, the band chose to only use silent whispers, without the harsh, horrifying screams of their first album. This contributes to the creation of an undescribable dark, trance-like atmosphere of utter nihilism and despair. Their typical guitar sound, that bathes in weird echo effects, still distinguishes this band from the rest of the scene.

This is one of those albums that leave you completely emotionally exhausted after each listen, and yet you keep pressing the repeat button over and over again. We dark music fans are such masochists!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Grey Rain
2. Blue Unknown
3. Hidden/Rising
4. Cold/Colourless
5. Nails
6. Numb Lava
7. Ambiguous Ambivalence
8. Seclusion
9. Faces

Duration : Approx. 53 minutes

Visit the Dolorian bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kostas Panagiotou
No God Only Pain
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