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Formed in 2011 in Birmingham by Paul Kenney (Fukpig, ex-Mistress), Kroh split in 2013 but subsequently reformed in its current female-front...
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Dimness Through Infinity : When The Soul Weeps Alone...

Turks have through the years been portrayed as an aggressive race. Hopefully this band will ease a little of that myth because their music contains no aggression at all. Quite the contrary, it's mellow and calm.

This atmospheric doom is a blend between My Dying Bride's version of doom/death and mellow doom/gothic. It's not utterly depressive, neither is it love forlorn romantic. Instead its got a basic sadness – if an emotion could be called basic – which just seems to be comfortable rather than upsetting. It might be that I feel it like that because I've been listening to doomy, depressed music for a long while, but I think others will find it the same.

It is clear that these guys are inspired by My Dying Bride as some of the songs are very much in this style. But on the other hand this is much more atmospheric than anything My Dying Bride has ever produced; echoing keyboards, acoustic guitars, growls, spoken words and an occasional mid-paced section are all to be expected.

The sorrowful doomster would be the doomster that would enjoy this. This includes both members from the melodic doom/death scene and the doom/gothic scene.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. When The Soul Weeps Alone...
2. September Despair
3. Eternal Sunset
4. Legendary Dreams

Duration : Approx. 25 minutes

Visit the Dimness Through Infinity bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
Rotten Copper
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