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Dawn Of Gehenna : The Night Dog Sessions

Dawn of Gehenna's previous demo, 'The Old', was released in 1994. At that point they played doom/death with a certain touch of their own. The 11 years that have passed since have apparently seen some major changes in the band. Now they play traditional doom, but still with a touch of their own.

The most unique touch would be the vocals of Mart Kalvet. In addition to the lyrics being in Estonian, there is a certain something which I can't put my finger on, but which gives me a clear impression of the music being Eastern European. It takes a bit of time to get used to them, but they undeniably fit the old-school groove.

The only link that I can find between the old and the modern Dawn Of Gehenna is the unusual rawness of the guitars. But this doesn't stop them from staying true to the paths laid by the big names such as Black Sabbath and Trouble. In other words this is typical traditional doom with an identity of it's own.

The lyrical inspirations are many. 'Tähist Ja Tolmust' takes its title from a short story called The Dust by P.S. Somtow, while 'Ööliblikas' comes from The Sphinx written by E.A. Poe. Also worth mentioning is 'Öö' which is a poem by Helti Talvik, one of the Estonian "damned poets". There should be a lot of interesting stuff here for those who understand what is said.

The demo only lasts for 21 minutes, something which puzzles me a bit. After 11 years they have not produced more than this? The case might of course be lack of funding to do recordings or other internal band problems. Hopefully the amount of music on the demo won't deter potential listeners. It's still a decent work of music and might be of interest to many traditional doom fans.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Tähist Ja Tolmust
2. Ööliblikas
3. Mina, Atlantis
4. Öö
5. Üksinda

Translated track list:
1. Of Stars And Dust
2. The Moth
3. I, Atlantis
4. The Night
5. Alone

Duration : Approx. 21 minutes

Visit the Dawn Of Gehenna bandpage.

Reviewed on 13-04-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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