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Drunkaine : Cold Comfort Creations

Drunkaine is a band where the only known member is Funereal Luxuria, the man behind the musical asylum with the same name. However, it's also mentioned that other Italian artists are involved, but there is no hints as to what their identity is. As for the label Forbidden Nun Productions, to me it seems that it's homemade and thus yields no further clues. It should be noted though that the label contains a picture of a nun performing fellatio. But it's not like listening to this would be healthy for the kids anyways.

The first track is the 25 minute long 'Acid Eclipse Disturb'. I must admit that I have a serious problem with it. I know their own description of the music is "Funeral Noise In Psychaotic Structures", and it does describe the music well, but there is a lot of disturbing elements here that work against it. I don't mind disturbing elements, but in this case they seem pointless and keep interrupting the music. The most annoying one comes in at around ten minutes. As far as I can tell it sounds like someone is either choking or scraping an empty box of yoghurt, and there is someone who's speaking Italian on a phone.

The second track, 'Rustin' With The Night', is far more successful. The music includes all the chaos from the first track, but less extreme and in a more coherent way. You could say that there is some structure to it as it sometimes has repeating riffage, but equally often it's droning noise that seems to avoid any clear patterns. It's a whole 42 minute long track that seems to lie somewhere inbetween Trollmann Av Ildtoppberg, Sunn O))) and static noise.

But the very best track is the Funereal Luxuria mockery?/cover/remake. While the original was good, this is actually a notch better. It lasts less than four minutes, and is thus clearly the shortest of the tracks. Still, being a fan of the original project, I find it to be just right also for the sound they aim for in this band. Strange whispers and mumblings, as though made by someone who's mind is absent from this world, completely ignores the haunting music. It should also be noted that this track is also the one which comes closest to being doom metal.

Drunkaine clearly makes music not intended for the masses. It takes a special mind to handle this kind of music, but fans of noise/drone would still do well in checking this out, if just to hear the third track.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Acid Eclipse Disturb
2. Rustin' With The Night
3. Her Sur-Face (Carcassian Mockery of the Funereal Luxuria)

Duration : Approx. 71 minutes

Visit the Drunkaine bandpage.

Reviewed on 21-10-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
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