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Cultus Sanguine : The Sum of All Fears

Funny this album has not yet been reviewed for doom-metal dot com, for the short hype around it the year it was released was quite noticeable within the underground, if not a real one then at least inside the walls of the internet metal underground community (and I don’t even want to start debating about the 'underground' concept: Legend or truth?).

This and more, few a release have seen the light of day this particular year that had any resemblance to this rather unique album i.e., 'The Sum of all Fears', style-wise, vocals-wise or other, so this release surely did outshine quite other ones, at least for a certain amount of time, and couldn’t be passed unnoticed…I wonder why it has never found its way to the temple of glory of this actual website, at least this particular album, at least this particular band. Maybe Cultus Sanguine suffers from the 'Iron Maiden Syndrome' meaning that if it’s so familiar and everybody has heard 'bout it, there is really no point of reviewing it, is there? But the absurd is that being the band’s second full-length release only, it has gained such a reputation in relatively a short time, that instead of remaining in the shadows, where it belongs, it almost 'hit the charts' as they say.

Cultus Sanguine is regarded superficially as a band for all tastes, having begun with black metal elements, moving towards gothic metal, keyboards-driven dark doomy metal, this band is supposed to be an all family band, as above mentioned, a light snack, fast consumed, fast digested, fast removed (from the body), and yet, it has not, nor will ever be as described...An absurd yet again though: Everything is average in this particular release; The technical ability, the song structures, the musicianship, the ideas in general, the heaviness (what the fuck is heaviness, anyways?), so what makes this album so outstanding and one of its kind, you ask? I think it's the integrity of the musicians behind the music, the devotion, the heart of each being consumed by the fire of the intensity of the sounds, the outburst of pure emotions – Melancholia at its best.

Funeral organs are literally searing the soundscapes throughout the entire album, as if the best of all time horror movies' soundtracks were compiled into one lengthy soundtrack, keys that are haunting and disturbing, gothic and mysterious, high-pitched screams in the dark. The vocals are a phenomenon of their own; Very hard to digest on first listen, the human voice is screamed, tortured, wretched, pitiful and hateful at the same time, or as was better put by My Dying Bride: "The cry of mankind." Yes, indeed, the howling cry of the torturous, tortured, degenerate, self-destructing human race. The vocals are so full of pain and agony and disappointment that it's almost unbelievable those close-to-being –genuine emotions manifested through the singer's voices, were even able to be captured on tape. It is the essence of pain, disgust and hurt, vocals that convey farewell sentences such as: "Fuck off and die you all, as I am dying here, in agony, you stupid, arrogant, talking monkeys…" Now, this is surely some album with a strong potential to become a hit, is it not? Now I understand why it had been standing in the limelight of the metal community for such a short time, only to slip quite rapidly into the shadows of oblivion, back to where it came from, from those deep, black blistered shadows of the human soul. Would a funeral dirge like this ever become an album of the year, starring in every goddamn pop-metal music chart? I think not.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Sum of all Fears
2. Vera Il Tempo Dei Morti *
3. Dominatress
4. Highest Depression
5. The Future Unveiled
6. A Grave Upon Mankind
7. In the Days of Sombre
8. Ultima Madre *
9. As a Funeral Inside

2. Truth is the Time of Dead Men
8. Last Mother

Duration : Approx. 50 minutes

Visit the Cultus Sanguine bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Chaim Drishner
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