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The Craving : Godless

'Godless' is this duos' second demo. Three out of five songs have titles in Spanish/Portuguese. After some research on the internet, my guess would be that they originate from South America. The music is somewhere between slow Death/Doom and Funeral Doom in the vein of Shape Of Despair. To no surprise, the songs are based on guitars and keyboards. It is, however, not very well played.

Most things on 'Godless' need to be improved. To start with the most important thing, the music, it is not tight even though the drums are programmed. The vocals are mostly pretty monotonous growls which should be practised more and be placed a little further back in the mix. This leads us to the next problem, the sound quality.

Poor sound quality is not really an issue if the mix is well balanced, which is not the case on this release. As mentioned, the vocals are in the front while you have to listen carefully to hear the drums at all.

Since I have not heard their first demo, I can't tell if this second one is an improvement or not. My advice would be to rehearse more, and learn a little more about recording techniques until next time.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Outsider
2. Olvido (Oblivion)
3. La Noche Iluminada Por Un Faro *
4. Atheism
5. Odumodneurtse (The Silent Thunder) *

3. The Night Illuminated By A Lighthouse
5. Noisy World (written backwards)

Duration : Approx. 40 minutes

Visit the The Craving bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kristian Larsson
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