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Consensus : Libertatis Clamor

The cover art alone makes this interesting. Nothing would make you guess that the CD's content is dark and sorrowful music. A girl is sitting in an absolute white surrounding, with nothing else except the name of the band and the demo title on the cover. That has to count as original in the Doom genre!

Their mixture of Traditional Doom and Death/Doom is nothing but fantastic! The lyrics are mainly preformed with clean vocals which suits the music very well. The growls are used in places they fit and not more often. The balance is perfect! Jeroen De Brauwer has a great voice with a wide range, and is not afraid to use it to its' full potential.

While the guitars often remind me of My Dying Bride, the compositions sound a little like While Heaven Wept without ever being a plain copy of either of those two. Although they have both a keyboard and a flute player on this release, they don't give in to the temptation (as many others do) to use them too frequently or in places they would be superfluous.

Overall, Consensus shows that they have a great ability to create memorable songs that hit you from the start and get even better towards the end. When this second demo was recorded, the band consisted of six members. A quick look at their website and MySpace page revealed that they're eight members strong these days. The fact that the two new members will contribute with cello and clarinet makes this band highly interesting. My only complaint about this release is that it's too short. 32 minutes of music this good leaves you longing for more! It would be a shame if no record label would show their interest in this Belgian group!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
I. The First Lament: Of Torment And Woe
II. Feel Me, Free Me
III. Wonder
IV. Twilight Of Consent

Duration : Approx. 32 minutes

Visit the Consensus bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kristian Larsson
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