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Solid, epic doom death with a South American touch and hints towards 'true metal' in both their sound and imagery. Excellent Brazilian band....
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Consecrated : Interlacement in Syntony

Consecrated is the best regal doom/death band that you've never heard. This three-piece outfit from Pescara, Italy is the brainchild of brothers Giorgio and Feliciano DiMauro, and their seminal yet terribly hard to locate EP 'Interlacement in Syntony' features three of the most stunning examples of sorrow-filled doom to emerge from the Mediterranean metal scene.

Make no mistake, the recording is demo-quality at best. The drums are a bit far back in the mix for my taste and the guitars are not as clear or loud as they should be. Yet what the EP lacks in production quality, it more than makes up for in substance, melody, and overall songwriting.

'Syntony' is the most miserable of the three songs, and is about as perfect a doom song as one will ever hear. It captures the feel of fellow countrymen Novembre in parts, especially when the pace picks up towards the end of the song's mid-point. The piece begins with a tranquil clean-picked guitar line, and soon, the distorted guitars flow in naturally and pick up with one of the most crestfallen melodies imaginable... the effect of the music, coupled with the vocal transitions, is like listening to choking sobs. The atmosphere conjured up in the first two minutes of 'Syntony' is so oppressive that you will need to check your pulse and remember to breathe when the song ends! Soon, the pace quickens and a sumptuous guitar melody takes you even further into the undulating folds of the black cloak of night.

'Superposition of a Superposition' is not quite as funereal as 'Syntony', but features some interesting timing shifts in points and really serves to highlight the vocalist's range of styles. At points, the vocals shift from lucid melodic chanting to guttural moaning, and then logically end up in the throes of a rumbling yet heartfelt style of death growl which may remind the listener of Thomas Jensen from Saturnus.

The album's swan song 'Heavy and Abstract Figure', returns to the intensity of 'Syntony', beginning with a descending, slow passage in which clean vocals are juxtaposed with lilting melodic guitar work. The final song follows suit with 'Syntony' in structure as well. It ends with a fast-paced death metal assault composed of double-bass drumming and cymbal work that is sadly buried by the inferior production.

Aside from the mixing issues, I really have no complaints about Consecrated's ability as musicians or songwriters. It is a shame that a handful of skilled underground acts like Consecrated are not getting the exposure they deserve, for if this band were given a budget, time to hone their craft, and label support, they would surely fill the silent void that Anathema and Paradise Lost have left behind. 'Interlacement in Syntony' is available as a D.A.M. CD at www.mp3.com/consecrated, and the entire EP can be downloaded in mp3 format. [edit by admin.: mp3.com has long since seized to promote ny bands that isn't a part of a major label, and by selling out they've also deleted Consecrated's page there. The release was also available for free download from the bands website at one point, but even from there it has gone. With that I believe that unfortuenately there is no way of getting hold of it on the web.]

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Syntony
2. Superposition of a Superposition
3. Heavy and Abstract Figure

Duration : Approx. 16 minutes

Visit the Consecrated bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Ryan Henry
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