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Cathedral : Soul Sacrifice

This 4 track long EP was released during Cathedral's transitional period, following the seminal doom-album 'Forest of Equilibrium', and preceding the 70's doom freak show that is 'The Ethereal Mirror'. It clearly shows the band in its transitional phase, and marks the last release featuring the original line-up. This is still very much doom-metal, but there is a greater tendency towards groove, as the metamorphosis takes hold of the musical direction.

The change is evident right from the outset of the EP. The version of 'Soul Sacrifice' found here is not the same as on 'Forest-' - the song has been sped up, with an emphasis on groove. It is still doom, but the 70's influence is clearly audible. The next track, 'Autmun Twilight', continues in this vein and is reminiscent of many early metal bands and their somewhat clichéd imagery. Cathedral have never been a band to shy away from an almost comedic aesthetic which, whilst being dark, has meant that they are not often taken seriously by many in the metal community. 'Soul Sacrifice' is arguably where this began. The third track, 'Frozen Rapture', is a song that would have been very much at home on 'Forest of Equilibrium', and is the only song on this EP which doesn't show up-beat tendencies; this song is a dirge-doom Cathedral classic, complete with organ and ultra slow tempo. The final track is similar to the first two, sounding more old-school heavy metal than doom, and even includes psychedelic elements, a perfect lead-in to the up-coming full length album.

Whilst it may seem that Cathedral have changed drastically over their long career, it has been a slow process, and has never seemed forced. It would have been easy and predictable for them to have rehashed 'Forest of Equilibrium' repeatedly, and whilst this may have pleased doom-purists there were many acts to follow which would more than compensate for the void this bands change in sound and style created. The 'Soul Sacrifice' EP serves as a reminder that Cathedral were a band on the brink of something new, and that the change would certainly be a rewarding one for those ready and willing to take the ride.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Soul Sacrifice
2. Autumn Twilight
3. Frozen Rapture
4. Golden Blood

Duration : Approx. 25 Minutes

Visit the Cathedral bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Mark Bodossian
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