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CASTINSTONE : The Crossing

CASTINSTONE is a Doom Rock band from Finland who mainly draw their power from repetitive riffing and extensive guitar solo's. The four songs offered on this demo all use the same basic formula of a slow and simple rhythm section going along with a bit bland clean vocals, and extensive guitar solo's.

To be perfectly honest I don't know if you should see the description I just gave as a compliment to their style or as criticism. The bland clean vocals are for sure not the best part of this band, they are very dull and repetitive. On occasion this works extremely well for a Doom act, but not this time. The repetitive rhythm section and slow grinding guitars however is a different story. CASTINSTONE really knows how to make simple and uncomplicated Doom and you can often find yourself tapping, nodding or humming along to the solemn music they make. The only problem is that the rhythm section is basically doing the same trick on all 4 songs, give or take the odd faster section here and there (well mainly on 'Chambers of Silence'). The trade off between great and skilful riffing and the repetitiveness (in a bad way) is something you will need to make for yourself.

I believe that the music's real strength has to come from the extensive guitar solo's. 'The Faith in the Sword' even has this nice little "'Maidenesque" guitar riddle going (perhaps I am mistaken but I also hear a little 'Maiden hidden in all the other the songs). It is however a real shame that the solo's are not mixed in that well. I guess this is something that can happen with a demo, but in this release it makes them lose the impact they otherwise would have. As such the music remains a bit middle of the road at times.

Overall CASTINSTONE makes some nice "barbarian/warrior Doom-rock". I think this term serves them best due to the simplicity of the song structures and the way the vocalist sounds. Truly uncomplicated Doom Rock that has nothing to do with Stoner Rock at all. I also think people who follow the Saint' named 'Vitus might enjoy this demo. The same slow Doom vibe does the trick every time.

All in all I am a bit divided about this release. On the one hand, this is such nice and easy music you can hum along to without any problems, on the other hand when you are in the mood for something more complicated, you might quickly lose your interest and zone this album out. In short this is an album I need to be in "just that mood" for, but that I think will appeal to a lot of fans of traditional doom, but who aren't big on stoner rock or Epic doom.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Grievance
2. Chambers of Silence
3. The Faith in the Sword
4. Endome

Duration : Approx. 23 minutes

Visit the CASTINSTONE bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Aldo Quispel
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