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Camel of Doom : Camel of Doom (Demo)

From the moment you read the band name, you'll know that this is a band out of the ordinary. Most doom bands are male dominated but only 50% of this band has a y-chromosome. For those of you who are hoping that this means that the band has female vocals, sorry to disappoint you, but the vocals are all male. Instead the girls do an excellent job of playing the bass and saxophone.

Yes, I did say saxophone. I would agree that it's hardly a common instrument in doom-metal. In fact I don't know any other bands which use it (with the exception of Electric Wizard on one track). The sax is probably one of the most innovative parts of the music. Originally the saxophone, and its player were meant as a guest appearance at the band's first gig, but I'm happy to say that she's still on the team.

To make a doomy camel you need something heavy that has humps. So what better than deep and loud stoner riffage? Add a touch of epic atmosphere, created mostly by the saxophone and deep, majestic, clean vocals, and the sonic camel is near completion. As a side note the clean vocals don't operate on their own. From time to time harsh vox are also used.

What's missing now is the fact that calling a camel relaxed would be an understatement. And just like the drowsy animal that the band has been influenced by, the music is also very laid back. Once again it is the saxophone that creates the finishing touch to make it feel like this. In fact there is a long soothing section in the middle of 'Earthhammer' which is based mostly on the sax alone.

From the description I've given, you probably already know if you want this or not. But let me just say one more thing. The CD is really cheap. Only 3 and it's yours. And that's a good price for good music.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Earthhammer
2. King Dragon

Duration : Approx. 27 minutes

Visit the Camel of Doom bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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