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Breath Of Life : Goodbye (Proud World)

This is a basic, nonetheless effective slab of doom/death very much in the vein of Wisconsin's pioneering Dusk. In fact, I was so impressed with similarities in vocals, music and production that I checked to see what year this CD came out - thinking for sure that it must have come out after Dusk's superb self-titled CD which was produced in 1994. Surprisingly, I was wrong as this EP preceded Dusk's s/t and their masterpiece 'Majestic thou in Ruin'. It is unlikely that Dusk was even aware of Breath of Life as according to the notes at the website the disc was not released and the master resurfaced in 1999. Still, if you dig Dusk and happen to purchase this disc you will be amazed at how alike the two bands are, especially in the Steve Crane-ish vox, supplied by vocalist Keith Olson. Other members are bass player Ron Steinhower, Guitar by Jay Rush and drums by Joe Wilkins.

Interestingly, Breath of Life is a Christian doom band eager to profess their faith in Christ. (Which is fine with me - freedom of expression and all, and a follower to boot!) The CD starts with a section of a popular Christian traditional song. Following this mellow intro the band breaks out its doom/death roots and trudges away for the rest of this too brief disc. The song selection is interesting because track one 'A Voice That Calls My Name' was actually written before the band became Christian. This provides a nice contrast to the two tracks that follow, one of which is personal to me. 'For I Have Shamed' is about the struggle of a man dealing with sexual lust while at the same time trying to rectify his longing for Christ and the moral path - man can I relate! Okay young studs, I hear you all saying go for it! But as an old married fart of almost 50, it sometimes amazes me at just how strong this desire can be, and what one is willing to sacrifice for a few minutes of pleasure and power! Oh, how the struggle within goes on and on…

Track three, 'Goodbye', expresses one of the most popular themes in doom: Get away from humanity lest you go down with them all! For Breath of Life the answer comes in the line: "Where man in the bush with God will meet . . . I am that man."

I believe that Breath of Life was finished before this CD saw the light of day, and I have not been able to track down any real info on the band since. So, if ya want to hear some brutal death/doom in the spiritual vein check out Goodbye (Proud World)' - it will not disappoint.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. I Exalt Thee (intro) / A Voice That Calls My Name
2. For Have I Shamed
3. Goodbye

Duration : Approx. 18 minutes

Visit the Breath Of Life bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Jay Murphy
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