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Blood Farmers : Bloodfarmers

This is the second and last release by Blood Farmers. However, unlike their demo, this was never re-released. Well, with one exception. The most classic of the tracks, 'Bullet in My Head', appeared on the 'Richard R. Anasky's I Am Vengeance - The Revenge Biography: The Official MeteorCity Soundtrack'. This v/a CD came out in 2001 despite the fact that the "I Am Vengeance" movie is not yet finished. It's a no-budget underground splatter movie, but with a purely doom & stoner soundtrack; it'll probably be quite good anyways.

The name of the band itself is also taken from a horror movie. The movie was originally titled "Deranged", but was renamed "Invasion of the Blood Farmers". The plot consists of an ancient cult which pumps the blood out of humans to resurrect a goddess.

A few things have changed since the demo 'Permanent Brain Damage'. The music has turned more towards the traditional doom metal path and has less Metallica influences. I'm not saying that they are not present, because they are; especially the vocals connect the two bands. The thrash elements are just not as prominent as in the demo, but that's actually unimportant as the quality of the tracks are just as high.

Another change is that there are no 15 minute long tracks here. The longest one is 'General Urko-I Drink Your Blood', which is a little over 10 minutes long. The rest of the tracks don't come close. By the way, the character General Urko comes from the movie "Planet Of The Apes" if anyone was wondering.

Just like their demo, this is a classic and a must-hear for all fans within the traditional doom metal genre. Sadly, the album is out of print and since there having been no re-releases, it will be hard to find. But check around anyway. It's worth the time if you can find it.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Albino
2. Bullet in My Head
3. Orgy of the Rats
4. Theme
5. Y.G.B.
6. The Holy Chalice
7. General Urko-I Drink Your Blood
8. Twisted Brain (Part 1)
9. Twisted Brain (Part 2)
10. After The Harvest

Duration : Approx. 58 minutes

Visit the Blood Farmers bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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