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This irish band plays funeral doom at it's rightful pace, but it's mixed with a lot of different experimental influences. This includes drum 'n&#...
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CSMD : CSMD/Sloth Split

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It's interesting how some bands manage to put out eleven tracks in fifteen minutes. It's usually a very good indicator that they make underground music. Another trait that can be used to show ones "undergroundness" is the length of the track names. In the case of this 7 inch, it takes longer time to type down the tracklist than the duration of the release itself. Add some offending stuff like swearing, insulting remarks and religiously offending visuals, and the underground image is as complete as it gets. It's an old phenomena, and as such has passed beyond the stage as a revolt against commercialism. I would rather describe it as modern, "shit-on-everything", punk culture.

Noiseape and Judge are the two dutchmen who make up CSMD (which stands for "Crowd Surfers Must Die"). They play chaotic noise with very little resemblance to anything within sanity's limits. They themselves use the term "ape tunes". Whatever the music originally contained of structure has been mangled, distorted, rearranged and abused into a loud pulp of intense and aggressive mumbo jumbo. As a perfect example of this, their first track is actually three tracks that seem to have been put into a blender, mixed on full force and poured onto the record. Another noteworthy trait is that half of the vocal duties is insane laughing. Very weird stuff for a very select group of people.

As usual, Sloth tilt slightly towards the band they made the split with. It's sludgy noise with the usual growled vocals and nutty lyrics. It consists of just vocals, very simple bass and fitting drums. Also as usual the music is recorded on a 4-track at one of their homes. Which means that, as usual, the recording quality is far from high. Then again, no one buys Sloth releases because they want high quality. It's usually the opposite - they like it this way. Heightening the quality will just serve to ruin their... eh... "charm".

This was never one of the more popular Sloth releases. CSMD make nothing that will make you want to listen to it often and Sloth are just not at their height. It's a collectors item. Nothing more.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Surf & Destroy (Astral rock destruction #2)
Search for the holy grail of rock
Join the army and get assfucked
2. David Bowel & Cindy Lepper
3. Metal runs through the blood
4. Er zit een monster onder je bed (smartlap cover of Enter Sandman/Metallica)
5. Lets dance (live in Amsterdam)

6. The Worst Thing Quarthon Could Have Done Was Live After Recording "Blood, Fire, Death".
7. March Of The Squirrel Army
8. Marv Albert's Gynecologist Is His Toupe
9. My Armpits Smell Like Hamburger Helper
10. I Just Listened To Buzzov*en's New CD. I Like It Quite A Bit But It's Not Good Like "Sore".
11. Olga

Duration : Approx. 15 minutes

Visit the CSMD bandpage.

Reviewed on 02-07-2007 by Arnstein Petersen
Hate Your Guts Records
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