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Advent Varic : Tumulus Part I: It Begins (EP)

You might want to give new US band Advent Varic a try - their Black Metal/Stoner Doom hybrid is surprisingly brilliant.

'Tumulus Part 1: It Begins' was to be my first brush with American Doom act Advent Varic. Iím somewhat loathe to strictly call this a "Doom" release, however - thereís more to it than that.

Now, Iím reviewing a download that has been sent so I canít even begin to comment on any aspects of the physical release, which is composed of one long track with the same name as the EP title. The music itself is a very curious mix that Iíve seldom come across before. Vocally, itís pure Black Metal with an occasional lean toward Dani Filth. Donít let that put you off, though - this isnít a Black Metal release either.

Instead, what Advent Varic have done is fuse a type of Stoner Doom with Black Metal. It sounds like a very odd combination, and I am not sure if it's something Iíd voluntarily go for with that kind of description, but itís surprisingly good. If you fuse the hazy, zoned out elements of Stoner Doom with some seriously powerful Black Metal high vocals then youíre definitely not going to be bored! Besides, the track isnít long enough to invoke boredom. If they went full Nargaroth on it then perhaps Iíd see it differently but thatís not the case; itís quite gripping, actually, particularly with the occasional solo thrown in for good measure.

Iím desperately trying to think of a better way to explain to you as to what you can expect on this release because itís good and should be heard. Maybe if you played one of Khanate's earlier releases and sped it up then youíd be somewhere close to what Advent Varic have produced here. Itís not monotonous or repetitive, either - the music is rather varied, veering between slower guitar segments and fast, weed-induced insanity. Iíd be extremely curious to see what Advent Varic managed to produce on a full-length release because what theyíve done on one track is actually quite unique.

The musicianship is good. The production suits the style(s). I think the bandís preparation for this release has been very good because nothing sounds forced. Indeed, it sounds beautifully chaotic and yet methodically so. I canít think of anything I didnít like other than that I obviously craved more. I really need to purchase a hat so I can tip it to the Americans here because this release is a long way from what I thought Iíd hear upon seeing a ĎDeath/Doomí tag floating around on the Internet, and itís been a very enjoyable ride. Definitely one to try out and a band to keep an eye on.

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Reviewer's rating: 9.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Tumulus Part I: It Begins

Duration : Approx. 21 minutes

Visit the Advent Varic bandpage.

Reviewed on 2019-09-02 by Ian Morrissey
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