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À L'Ombre D'Héméra : Le Mur Des Ombres

Despite its misleading artwork, this debut album from Canadian Post-Metal/Post-Core band À L'Ombre D'Héméra qualifies as a diamond in the rough.

Not what I was expecting, in more ways than one. Released on GS productions and boasting a cover more suited to eighties Thrash, the 'Post-Core' Metal of Canadian outfit À L'Ombre D'Héméra is a curious looking beast for sure. Begining with a sound more suited to the after effects of Grunge back in the late nineties it isn't long before the Post-Core stomp of the opening track reveals itself to be a heartfelt and to a point, melodic ride into atmospheric musical territory. One that gets more and more enjoyable listen after listen.

The band have a slightly progressive element to their sound as well as managing to be very direct and to the point. This they achieve by some well worked lead guitar as well as confidently swelling the sound for some avidly uplifting moments which can suprisingly enough be described as catchy. As far as the music goes there's nothing really wrong with this. Composition-wise it's a decent take on blending the older sounds of the genre with the newer. Not quite as dark as Hundred Year Old Man, but no less stirring to the senses, the Canadians might be best seen as a hybrid of the more modern atmosphere of OHHMS along with Pijn's disonant pummeling, as well as harkening back to the millenial angst of bands like Cave In and Poison The Well. You really do get the best of both worlds. Throw in a stirring Hardcore vocal attack and the resultant din often gathers itself all together into a somewhat epic state of being. Production-wise it's a sound effort, although the drums occasionally get lost in the mix when everything else is going full tilt.

As with any good Post-Core recording, the proof of the pudding lies in how well the music shifts from darkness to light, or from ambience to heavy, and with 'Le Mur Des Ombres' the band are completely in control, shifting effortlessly through the dynamics and loudness differentials. It means the explosions are all the more powerful and the downtime that bit more sensitive. Let's also reiterate how important the band's sense of melody is. What we get is a measured approach to catharsis rather than a chaotic rage unleased with no real rhyme, reason or understanding. There's a passion here too, rooted in the idea that Hardcore has a precious soul that it wants to protect as much as have heard in as forceful a way as possible. Imagine Rorcal trying to sound pop. There's very little information to be had about the band or the album online, and as such you can quite happily file this away under 'hidden gems'.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Acte 1 ; La Ville
2. Acte 2 ; L'Éveil
3. Acte 3 ; La Peur
4. Acte 4 ; La Condamnation
5. Acte 5 ; Savoir
6. Acte 6 ; La Confusion

Duration : Approx. 36 minutes

Visit the À L'Ombre D'Héméra bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-10-09 by Matt Halsey
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