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Colossus Morose : Seclusion

This steadfast and concerted debut effort from Colossus Morose is a nostalgic, but not dated, old-school Death/Doom work.

Colossus Morose are a Norwegian/German duo playing the sort of slow Death/Doom that stays very true to its form but includes a few morcels of other extreme genres, purely to season the pot, so to speak. The workload is split, as it is so often with duos of this ilk, between a vocalist and an instrumentalist. Both are fairly well-seasoned musicians themselves, playing and singing as they do in a number of other bands and entities, all of which are to be found within the realms of extreme metal. Active since 2015, 'Seclusion' is their debut release as Colossus Morose, and is out now on Russia's Endless Winter imprint.

As much as I enjoy a good demo, I kind of like it when a band gets straight on with it and puts out a full length, properly produced album with label backing. It brews an air of confidence but also, one would hope, makes for a far more realistic musical statement of what the band are all about. There are no real suprises here musically, (apart from the 'pig-squealing' vocals on 'Perpetually Enthralled'), what you're getting is old school Death Doom of the traditional variety. Throw in a few passages of melodic lead guitar, fewer still bits of actual Death Metal, the tiniest amount of Funeral Doom, and one or two bits that sound like some of those lo-fi Black Metal bands do when they've run out of steam, and you're about there. Pick your own comparisons both ancient and modern, there's plenty to chose from, and not worth arguing about who they sound like. It's fairly obvious.

On the whole though, 'Seclusion' is a steadfast and concerted effort. No, it's not reinventing the wheel, but nor is it a pale imitation of past glories. It actually goes a long way in keeping the Death Doom fires burning bright. Track five, titled 'Six', is an atmospherically spooky dirge which lends itself perfectly to the production which gives the recording a nicely nostalgic air whilst containing none of the 'dated' feel you get on certain releases from back in the day. For my money, whilst the music is very well executed and deserving of praise, the vocalist must also get a mention for being both versatile and convincing throughout. I still feel however that the squealing was a little bit misguided. 'Perpetually Enthralled' is one of the more interesting tracks on the album and I just think ,in the grander scheme of things, that that particular vocal is way off beam there. That said, he did used to sing in the charmingly monickered Oral Fistfuck. No prizes for guessing what they sounded like, so perhaps he was having a flashback. We may never know.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Catatonical Embrace
2. Tarnished
3. Perpetually Enthralled
4. Sol(e)ace
5. Six
6. The Spiral Descent

Duration : Approx. 43 minutes

Visit the Colossus Morose bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-09-17 by Matt Halsey
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