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Ilienses Tree : Edda (EP)

A short, but very sweet, EP from Sardinian Death/Doom band Ilienses Tree that channels its raw energetic approach pretty much to perfection.

Hailing from Sardinia, and named after the Ilienses people, a bronze age Sardinian warrior tribe, Ilienses Tree have returned with their first release since 2014 demo, '2014 B.C.'. In the meantime, they've appeared on a number of compilations, including the wonderfully titled 2017 collection, 'The Pain Fucktory', and played with some real heavyweights of the Doom scene; the mighty Lord Vicar included. This latest release is an EP, and so still a relatively brief affair clocking in at 25 minutes, but it nevertheless delivers a savage and crushing blow that the Ilienses people would doubtless have appreciated.

Opening track 'Edda' sets the scene with a droning ambient piece featuring the sound of crackling flames and a breaking storm, before the action begins in earnest with the brutal 'The Birth'. With a driving, infectious Doom riff and some powerful gravel-voiced vocals, it's a strong, aggressive slab of Death/Doom filled with raw, unbridled energy. It's rough and ready, unvarnished, ferocious, and will leave many listeners wishing 'Edda' was a full length release.

'Ragnarok' is slower tempo with a riff delivered with the bludgeoning power of Thor's hammer. At over 8.5 minutes long, it's an epic burst of thunder and fury of Asgardian proportions. With some interesting changes of tempo, an exellent shredding solo, and a brief moment of mellow instrumental moodiness, it's another strong track on this flab-free release. It's unpolished and earthy, but does convey a certain elemental power. And the same can be said for the rest of the EP until the Outro track, 'Dark Age', which seems a little incongruous after the raw fury preceeding it.

'Edda' provides a short, satisfying burst of aggressive Death/Doom power and fury. There's more than enough here to whet the appetite for a full length album, should one be forthcoming in the future. It may not be sophisticated, but it's ballsy and full of energy, and, despite its brevity, delivers more content than many full length releases.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Edda
2. The Birth
3. Ragnarok
4. Agony
5. Dark Age

Duration : approx. 25 minutes

Visit the Ilienses Tree bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-07-18 by Nick Harkins
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