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Nordlumo : Embraced By Eternal Night

Nordlumo's debut treads fairly generic melodic Funeral Doom ground.

Over the years, there has been an extraordinary amount of Doom bands springing up in Russia. Nordlumo are an example of such, and 'Embraced By Eternal Night' is their debut.

I have to confess that I really wanted to like this release purely based upon the images that they used on the album cover. I'm a sucker for a beautiful picture, and this inlay has several so I was an immediate fan on that front.

Musically, I thought this release was pretty bang average, to be blunt. It's stereotypical Funeral Doom from Russia that most of you have heard time and time again with the odd soaring solo, whispered vocals, and atmospheric drifts. The growls are quite good though - I did like them. Ultimately, I thought the music was a little tame here though. It was lacking in drama in any capacity, basically. I don't mind the "tame" approach to Funeral Doom as long as it's done properly but I never got the impression that 'Embraced By Eternal Night' was. Don't get me wrong - I can't complain about the musicianship because that seems peachy enough, as does the mix. I just don't feel like the song structures are particularly interesting, which is a bit of a shame when you consider that all other required ingredients for a good release appear to be present here.

There was only one thing on this album that I disliked. As some of you will have noticed, the misspelling of 'Millennium' in the fifth track does indeed serve as a prelude for grammatical annihilation of the English language. I understand the image(s) that Nordlumo tried to create with their songs and I even appreciate them to an extent. However, the way in which they've conveyed them via a second language is really damaging to those images. I'd almost rather they wrote the lyrics and song titles in Russian because at least there's a touch of mystique (for those of us that don't speak Russian, that is!) about the album rather than me being able to see how ham-handedly they've butchered the English language. The images are great; their descriptions of the images are poor. Other than that, just the odd instance of the cymbals keeping the pace of the music moving too fast and keyboards dragging on for too long irked me.

Unlike some Doom fans, I'm not averse to a band doing what others have done before them. A direct copy would be annoying but few of those exist. I recognise that most Doom approaches have already been done in the past so it would be harsh of me to be critical of a band for making a release that sounds like others because it's inevitable really. Therefore, I try to rate the release based upon the music itself rather than how original it is. However, I struggle to find anything about this release - other than the artwork - that I could endorse to any Funeral Doom fans. I wouldn't say that there's anything musically on this release that is badly done but it's not particularly atmospheric, captivating, or interesting. My view is that this CD only belongs in the library of an avid Funeral Doom collector because it's hard to imagine that many people would find much merit on 'Embraced By Eternal Night'.

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Reviewer's rating: 6/10


Tracklist :
1. The Autumn Fall
2. Devotion
3. Scripts
4. Dreamwalker
5. Millneium Snowfall sic
6. Weathered (Colosseum cover)

Duration : Approx. 77 minutes

Visit the Nordlumo bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-04-29 by Ian Morrissey
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