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Incredibly heavy doom/stoner band consisting of drums, guitar and a clean female vocalist. Very serene music despite being a little rough, sort of like the last...
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Doomster Reich : Drug Magick

It may be as Electric Wizard-inspired as they come, but Doomster Reich do a good job of giving that their own angle.

Poland's Doomster Reich suffer the same fate as each and every band trailing in the wake of Electric Wizard's 'drugs 'n' horror' fest, as well as the Proto-Doom resurgence. Nothing wrong with any of it, but haven't we heard it all before? At least twice! Well, the truth is, we have. But I have to say, I like hearing it, and I like hearing it done well. Which Doomster Reich manage, for most of the time. Occasionally it all becomes too familiar, like on 'Round The Bend Satan' (yeah, I know) where vocalist Rahu unleases one of several "alright now"s, after which I was amazed he didn't follow it up with "won't you listen?".

This might all sound a bit unfair, given that the music, for eighty per cent of the time, really is top notch. The instrumental jam that introduces 'Meet the Dead' is something the groovier side of Electric Wizard could only dream of achieving. Guitar solos, prevalent throughout, light up the procedings in fine fashion. So many bands fail abysmally with these. Doomster Reich don't. The 'Wizard are a decent enough point of reference though, especially where the vocals are concerned, as well as the 'occult' trappings scattered liberally about the album. I mean it's called 'Drug Magic', rite? If you enjoyed the vastly overlooked 'Black Masses' then this might well tickle the taste buds.

It would be safe to assume that all band members have well-worn copies of 'Master of Reality', given the size of some of the riffs here, and enjoy lengthy jamming sessions as well. They're really very good at it too. The track lengths will bear witness to this. Doomster Reich have a healthy garage sound which adds to the...er...mystique a little. This harkens back to the likes of Black Widow in their quieter moments and Pentagram in theirs, and there's obviously a huge early Sabbath influence enveloping the entire recording. If Satan really is coming round the bend then Doomster Reich at least sound like they've taken enough drugs not to care. Can you find better? Yeah, I'd say you can, but you can also encounter a lot, lot worse.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Gimme Skelter
2. Rites Of Drug Magick
3. Round The Bend Satan
4. Meet The Dead
5. Chemical Funeral
6. Black Earth, Red Sun

Duration : Approx. 56 minutes

Visit the Doomster Reich bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-03-25 by Matt Halsey
Vanha - Black Lion
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