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Weeping gothic/doom with male grunts and female clean vocals. The music has a touch of the same trollish aura that The 3rd And The Mortal had....
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Flesh Martyr : Echoes Of A Distant Weeping (EP)

This classic-style Death/Doom debut from Flesh Martyr shows a lot of promise.

It's always exciting to stumble upon a band before they have gained widespread notoriety. One has the feeling of finding a treasure and though one's first inclination may be to hoard and hide it, it is also exciting to share one's discovery with others. Such is the case with Flesh Martyr, a Doom/Death band hailing from Rethymno, Greece. Their EP, 'Echoes of a Distant Weeping', may be a short affair, but it heralds another promising ensemble albeit not from a locale one normally associates with the genre (which makes it even more exciting, actually).

Contained within are three full-length songs which begin after a brief sample as the introduction. 'Fading Light' is the first proper track, and begins with a soft, simple bass line. It is when the guitar soon arrives that the feeling of impending doom begins to take hold as it plays a diminished line over the bass, conveying a cold, near Black Metal feel. The verse riff is somber yet melodic, and somehow the low, abrasive vocals harmonize with the guitar. If a point of reference is needed, the track echoed elements of the almighty Black Sabbath's 'Snowblind' as well as the dirge 'Dunkelheit' from Burzum. Also of note is the last track, 'She, Temptress,' which features the most melody of anything on the album with the lead playing its line over the chords and effectively conjuring the sound of tears weeping over the composition. This track also features the high mark of bass playing on the album as it takes a more active role, playing fills over and under the chords of the guitar.

While the production is elementary at best, the statement of intent is clearly conveyed by the band. This is classic Doom/Death with deep guttural vocals, saturated, yet clear guitar, and simple drums that play mostly only what is required yet still have a relaxed, fluid feel. The bass playing is somewhat low-key for a genre carved out by heavy hitters like Geezer Butler and Scott Reader, though, for it lacks enough volume and sustain. While the band is its own entity with its own sound and feel, one can hear bits of My Dying Bride's 'Turn Loose the Swans', shades of the mighty Winter, and a style owing to Mourning Beloveth as well. The slow, methodical pace of the music is pensive, a never-ending circle of misanthropy. One gets the feeling of standing upon a towering cliff, thousands of feet in the air, and looking down. It is the looking down that is stressed here.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Intro - I Believe
2. Fading Light
3. Exiled in Land Of Nothingness
4. She, The Temptress

Duration : Approx. 15 minutes

Visit the Flesh Martyr bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-03-19 by Chris Hawkins
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