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Drude : Drude

Drude's debut is creative, but held back a little by some generic Post-Metal inclusions.

Drude, from Indianapolis, have a genre label of their own making. Post-Toke-Metal. Do the math. Drawing on a range of influences that could easily end up being a multiple car wreck of disparate sonic segments, they do at least manage to sound erudite and creative. Drude are at their best when they just lock into a groove and jam, which they do quite a bit, and thankfully don't linger on the familiar sounding Post-Metal parts for longer than is necessary. They're far too good on the rest of it for that. Entertaining and thoughtful were the first words that came to mind listening to 'Drude''s cleverly progressive soundscapes.

Reminiscent in places of Lotus Ash's lilting Sludge, and in far more others of emotive Post-Metal "newbies" like Haast's Eagled and OHMMS, Drude make for a curious listen, albeit a slightly unconvincing one. Oddly enough they sound more convincing when the songs start to breathe and the cleaner vocals appear. Sometimes, it's bordering on the sublime. I could listen to the spacey guitar ramble on 'Barbelo' all day long, for example. Indeed, I feel if they'd stuck to this proggy approach for the entire album I'd have no choice but to give them full marks. There's a noticeable seam of idiosyncracy running through their music which I feel they'd benefit greatly from if only they could tap into it a bit more. As it is, the generic Post-Metal parts do drag the trio backwards a bit.

That said it's definitely worth the asking price and it could well be one of those releases I'll come back to at some point thinking I should have scored higher. Post-Metal is a tough place to be though. Over-crowded, vast in musical scope, and very difficult not to end up sounding like Neurosis once you start shouting. Which, it must be said, for 95% of the time Drude manage not to do. Say the other 5% is just sweet homage. Seasoned regulars to this kind of stuff may not get their hair blown back terribly far on initial inspection, but it does improve with age. If you're discovering the genre for the first time then Drude are a very good place to start.

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Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. Drude
2. Barbelo
3. Oasu
4. Demure
5. Eidolon

Duration : Approx. 38 minutes

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Reviewed on 2018-03-04 by Matt Halsey
Rotten Copper
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