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NevBorn : Daidalos (EP)

Swiss band NevBorn progress their atmospheric Post-Metal sound with this sophomore release.

From the hushed intro, to the rising swell of its intensity driven core, to the intimacy of its refrains, to its soft exit, the story telling aspect of NevBorn's latest EP 'Daidalos' is unmistakable. This release sees the Switzerland based group continue with the Post-rock, Post-core hybrid they put forth on their debut album 'Five Horizons'.

Musically 'Daidalos' is a logical step forward from 'Five Horizons' with the group tightening up their playing and vocalist Matthieu Hinderer giving his best performance to date. Lyrically, the band delves once more into antiquity, as they have on tracks like 'Ozymandias', with their take on the death of Icarus. The lengthy track carries with it a The Ocean meets The Deftones vibe toggling between clean sung semi-acoustic refrains and screaming over heavily distorted power chording. Between the foreshadowing album art, the updated ancient story line, and the grandiose length of the single song on this release the listener can really get immersed quickly.

'Daidalos' flows throughout its expansive 17-minute plus length, however, it may have had more impact with 2 or 3 minutes clipped from the middle. While there is nothing wrong or out of place with any of the material presented on the EP it does struggle to keep ones attention from the 11-14 minute mark. However, following that is one of the songs most memorable moments (14:46) with a dazzling melodic lead vibrantly cascading over a choppy undertow and eventually joined by Matthieu's agonized screams. Hindering the results on 'Daidalos' is the rather flat production value. A release like this needs the depth of production to draw out the drama and emotional impact of the story not to mention highlight the talents of its contributors.

Overall, 'Daidalos' does offer some steps forward in the band's musical evolution and has a number of memorable segments placing it comfortably along side the songs from 'Five Horizons'. With a little bit of self editing on song length, a continued zeroing in on their developing signature sound, and some improved production values it is easy to imagine their next album as a break out release for the group.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Daidalos

Duration : Approx. 17 minutes

Visit the NevBorn bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-02-04 by Lord Tanner Skrocki
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