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Crust : True Shades Of The True World

Russian unit Crust's third self-release successfully mixes both old-school and new Sludge/Noise/Post-Core.

Stumbling over Russian Sludge/Crust merchants...er...Crust earlier in the year during a whizz round Bandcamp, my initial reaction was to track them down, order a CD and review their latest release. Apparently though, they couldn't afford to run to even a small pressing of 'True Shades...' - which in my book is a damn shame. There's certainly a lot worse out there getting a nicely packaged release on some of the smaller labels. That said, we do get a fair idea of what Crust are all about from their Bandcamp page and the music, artwork and pics contained therein.

Both the aforementioned genre labels are agreeably apt here. The band themselves say 'blackened sludge doom/Sludgecore', which I think is a bit misleading. It's definitely doomy in atmosphere but not in the Traditional sense. 'Sludgecore'? No, me neither. However, I think to simplify things a bit we'll stick to the two earlier musical tags and go from there. The Noise infested Crust/Sludge peddled by the likes of Nightslug and Nexus Clandestine is probably as near to the mark as I can muster. Just throw in a lot more lead guitar.

Crust provide a bridge to both the old and new alike too. The bass in particular harkens back to the days when Killing Joke and Amebix were first ruining stereo speakers, as well as the establishment's ears, while the vocals and guitar work (particularly the leads) speak to a more modern post-hardcore generation who discovered Neurosis early on and managed to survive the Grunge years relatively intact. Two cinematic Drone/Noise tracks complete 'True Shades...' and give it a far more rounded feel than if it was just a wall of shouty vocals and distorted amps from start to finish.

Anyway, better late than never, here for Crust, as promised, is the review of 'True Shades...'.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. The Relicts Of Delusion
2. Avarice
3. The Wrong Place
4. True Shades Of The True World
5. Few Last Drops Of Trust
6. Space Justice

Duration : Approx. 32 minutes

Visit the Crust bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-10-22 by Matt Halsey
Rotten Copper
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