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Moribund Mantras : Into Nothingness

This debut full-length from Moribund Mantras sets out some interesting markers.

Moribund Mantras have returned with a more polished work from their previous EP. This Doom Metal band from Germany blends touches of Black Metal, Psychedelic and Post Metal to each song. The album is 'Into Nothingness' and Urtod Void have released this on limited edition cassette. Four of these songs are instrumentals. It's a pulsating sound that does not let up throughout the opening full song 'Memory Loss'. There is a dark element that resides in each song. Space and mood changes give the band some room to experiment. We are also treated to four of the songs being short interludes, with five full tracks to really get your teeth into.

'Red Birch' is another track over 10 minutes long. This was the name of the EP they released in 2014, and is the band's only previous release. Slow clean acoustic parts fill your ears with synths ebbing and swaying through your mind. Guitars are heavy and powerful when they erupt with growls that send you deeper into the abyss. This song carries a really sombre and morbid feeling to it. We are treated to clean vocals in passages, these are lower in the mix and carry as a harmony rather then a standalone vocal, some may welcome them. The guitars are more purposeful in this song than the ones before.

'Form & Void' comes after the short interlude of 'Coma'. It's slow with clean dark vocals floating over deep emotional bass lines. I remember listening to The Cure in my youth and I always loved their clean work, the feeling you would get from the melodic passages. Moribund Mantras in some way remind me of this.

'Horror Vacui' stabs away at you, its another track that combines heavy and clean structures. This is by far for me, as a whole, not a top album but more a band finding their way and putting a marker down. The overall production is good, the drums I feel get a little too lost in some parts, with the cymbals taking centre stage. Maybe a heavier feel would really come across to emphasise the feeling they are trying to achieve. It's still very much worth getting your teeth into and trying to let it all soak into your skin.

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Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. Immersion
2. Memory Loss
3. Closer
4. The Passage
5. Red Birch
6. Coma
7. Form & Void
8. Disappearing Slowly
9. Horror Vacui

Duration : Approx. 46 minutes

Visit the Moribund Mantras bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-09-27 by Riccardo Veronese
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