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Army Of Dagon : Night Of The Mystics

Army Of Dagon's latest may not do anything new but it certainly does a lot right.

While Army of Dagon's album 'Night of the Mystics' doesn't do anything new, it certainly does a lot right. Right from the get-go, the album opens with the roar of unmistakeable Doom, whose quality and atmosphere is accentuated by a raw approach to the album's production. Much of the album doesn't stray far from this approach, but interspersed within these slower and minor key oriented sections are several moments of Heavy Metal and more Rock-oriented riffing. The composition of the riffs is the focus on 'Night of the Mystics', and while most of them are simple, all of them are rich in musicianship.

Production-wise, the drums sound a little garbled, but their rawness marks them as a fitting accompaniment behind the rhythm guitars. While it may not be obvious at first, Army of Dagon's drummer adds the necessary depth to the arrangements. Beat-wise, he does a lot with what a little, and any Doom enthusiast should appreciate the touch of minimalism Army of Dagon's rhythm section brings. It would help if the toms were more prominent in the mix, or if the drum fills were more abundant, but the raw power of the snare, kick drum, and hi-hats goes a long way.

The album loses a bit of momentum towards the second half, mainly because the vocals don't try anything they haven't already done on the first few tracks. Army of Dagon's vocalist has a unique voice, one reminiscent of the vocal styles from older-era Metal bands, and the range he shows is certainly impressive. But the vocals do nothing that goes above the call of duty. They provide adequate melodies and the added strength heavy music with this vibe needs, but there are few moments on the album where I would specifically point them out - most of my attention goes towards the riffs and the beats.

Still, Army of Dagon has crafted something special here. While remaining in the natural minor key throughout most of the album, they seem to both appeal to the Melodic Doom sound bands like Warning having shaped, while also exploring the realm of Traditional Doom. Reverend Bizarre and Castle come to mind, but Army of Dagon, as already mentioned, keeps it melodic while still pumping out that rockin', heavy sound.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Black Mountain Keep
2. Bring The Stars
3. Evening Sky
4. Fera Magic
5. Red Dark
6. The River
7. Warthon
8. Amulet Of Strength

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes

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Reviewed on 2017-09-26 by Alex Drozd
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