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Desolate Fields : Past Apocalyptic Dates

Beautifully produced and energy-filled, Desolate Fields' melodic blackened Post-Metal hits the spot.

Some albums scream tragedy, and 'Past Apocalyptic Dates' is certainly one of them—and with a band name like Desolate Fields, that should come no as surprise. But, make no mistake, this isn't melancholy-driven tragedy, it's energy-driven. 'Past Apocalyptic Dates' is perhaps in the realm of Blackened-Doom territory, but more-so in the way of the "wall of sound" approach rather than the sinister sound of bands you'd be more likely to associate with Black Metal. The non-Doom songs of Woods of Ypres might make for a good comparison.

The vocals are a mix of cleans and highs - the former of which being somewhat underwhelming. Desolate Fields's singer hits the notes but doesn't have much of a punch to his singing voice - a drawback for such fast-paced music. Vocally, Desolate Fields's strengths lie with their screamed sections, which are executed quite well. Riff-wise, they have a lot to go off of, as the riffs are always changing and almost always pummeling. Desolate Fields also makes great use of dynamics, with plenty of fragile, clean sections punching into the chaos of this tragic wall of sound. The intensity of these dynamic changes can't help but bring to mind Mozart's, 'The Abduction from the Seraglio, whose overture makes use of dynamics in the same way the bridges on 'Enviro,' the album's third track, do. It's quite noticeable just how common of a technique this is in both Classical and Metal - to make your loud parts louder, make your quiet parts quieter.

One thing that must be brought to attention is 'Past Apocalyptic Dates' mid-album interlude, 'A Visible Mass of Vapor,' whose title should be a contestant for world's best song name. Eerie as it sounds, this interlude may just be my favorite part of the album. Atmospheric and melodically rich, it's the perfect song to introduce the second half of 'Past Apocalyptic Dates', which is a bit more restrained, but compositionally more thought out. This is noticeable right off the bat with the song, 'Hollow Earth,' a song that grows more cautiously and deliberately than its antecedent tracks.

Wrapped in beautiful production and energy-filled bursts of mourning, 'Past Apocalyptic Dates' is an album fans of the melodic side of Metal don't want to miss.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Ramblings Of A Stone Man (Effort Part I)
2. Stained Papers (Effort Part II)
3. Enviro
4. Vultures
5. A Visible Mass Of Vapor
6. Hollow Earth
7. Past Apocalyptic Dates
8. Blister

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes

Visit the Desolate Fields bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-09-26 by Alex Drozd
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