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Umnea : Darkness, Depth And Mirrors

Not totally differentiated from Umnea's previous work, this is nonethless another solid sludgy, droning, ambient release.

Drone and sludgy riffs carry you along with ambient leads that swirl in and out. It is much the same from when I reviewed their first album 'Beauty Of The Other Side Of Silence'. No vocals, just instrumental atmospheric Doom. It's hard to see if they have truly progressed in terms of writing and creative ability, possibly the balance and structures have gone up a notch. Atmosphere is a big part of their DNA so huge openings of just synths, time and space cascade through your ears. This is totally appreciated in the first song 'Dark Mirror Of Great Nothing'. The simplicity is in leaving the room for everything to soak in.

The drums themselves are big and need to be to carry songs this long. Cymbals crash away at every moment and the tempo of the drums keep the rhythm steady but with variety. Once again not much information behind this album or the band so we are left to make our own judgement. The first real break comes at around the 13 minute mark. Clean electric with small echoes wash away everything from before and you await the next chapter. Synths again come to the forefront leading you on your way to the bleakness ahead. Walls of cascading sounds pulverise the ears. I have waited patiently for the impending change and it is lighter in sound then I thought it would be. Rather mellow and humble, it gently soothes my mind. The song itself is a mini EP in its own right. I could easily imagine being at sea drifting into nothingness awaiting certain death.

'The Deep Ocean Of The Second Jupiter' takes some real patience as no real guitar or drums come in till well over fifteen minutes. Just atmosphere and ambient noises fill the airwaves. It carries on much in the same vein as the opening song. The bass has a nice haunting melody about it on this track and adds to building a bleak picture. Maybe the track could be shorter but this could possibly take away the creative elements that are trying to be conveyed. I'm not too sure if I liked this track, or if I found the quiet parts too drawn out for my tastes. For some, after the first song lasted over 30 minutes, it may be a welcome break to unravel and let the dust settle over weary ears.

'Scarlet Gardens Of War's God' starts with a piano intro. It's slowly building and building, guiding you along. Sludgy guitars slowly introduce themselves before drums change the whole shape and dynamics of the song. The melody seems to soar and soar rising to a climax only to be left hanging, waiting for the end. It's another strong release and one where I can happily just drift off into my own separate world.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Dark Mirror Of Great Nothing
2. The Deep Ocean Of The Second Jupiter
3. Scarlet Gardens Of War's God

Duration : Approx. 71 minutes

Visit the Umnea bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-08-02 by Riccardo Veronese
Aesthetic Death
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