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Deadbodieseverywhere : Noothgrush/Deadbodieseverywhere Split

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Sludge has become famous for its lineup of underground bands that play really tortured and suicidal music. One of the more famous, yet obscure, of those bands is Noothgrush. It's incredibly hard to find any info at all about this band on the internet, yet every sludge fan seems to know about them. Honestly it's a shame that their music isn’t more widespread as it would definitely be of interest to anyone who would enjoy a really sick piece of mentally tormenting music.

The beginning of the first and only track that Noothgrush represents on this split, is an excellent example of this. Distorted screams and other unspeakably grim vocals repeat a verse over and over in the same tortured fashion every time. I could swear that they are repeating, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh hell this is fucked, oh hell this is fucked", which would actually be quite fitting to the really fucked up music that does follow the intro. Without any kind of mercy the track wanders off slowly enough to shame a funeral doom band. But the slowness would have been worthless if it wasn't for the partially inhuman riffs and vocals. However the slowness does a very important job. It prolongs the pain and drags it further and further, to make sure the experience of this track is more than horrid enough.

The second part of the split belongs to a hardcore band called Deadbodieseverywhere. Well, it might actually be pretty unfair to call them a plain hardcore band because although they are not really sludge, they have enough sludgy tendencies to please fans of Crowbar for example. Two interesting notes before I continue with a better description of the music. The lead singer has only one arm, his right one. Also although the band split up officially in 2001, their last release didn't come out until 2003.

The first song is a pretty pure hardcore experience with music above an average pace. The second one on the other hand is much more pleasing to us slo-mo fans. Angry punky lyrics performed with hardcore vocals, heavy pounding riffage, and a generally pretty pissed off atmosphere comes in abundance. It's hard to tell who or what they are actually pissed at, as it's hard to catch the lyrics, but whatever it is, it sure makes their blood boil.

Once I finished this review I realized that it's really a shame. Both bands have split up before this review was written. The split was limited to 1500 copies and it doesn't seem that there will ever be a re-release of it. There might be some truth in the myth, that obscure, rare and out of print albums by bands who no longer exist, are the most valuable of all releases. At least the musical value of this release is truly priceless.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Jundlandwastes

2. 1982
3. Sidetrack

Duration : Approx. 9 minutes

Visit the Deadbodieseverywhere bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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