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An Oakland-based Post-Metal/Sludge/Doom band. Whilst containing outbursts of Cult Of Luna-type pace and aggression, their music also swings towards slowe...
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Allochiria : Throes

An atmospheric and psychedelic slab of sludgy Post-Metal from Greece's Allochiria.

The term 'allochiria' means "other hand" in Greek, and it is the scientific name for a complex neurological disorder, in which the patient responds to stimuli presented to one side of the body as if the stimuli had been presented at the opposite side.

What to make of Allochiria? They consist of five members and their music describes itself as Sludge/Post-Metal. They hail from Athens, Greece. It has been over three years since Allochiria released their first album, 'Omonoia'("harmony"), and now their second album, 'Throes', released by Art Of Propaganda, is out. The music itself is compared to other bands like Neurosis, ISIS, Cult of Luna and Amenra.

On first listen to this band they are very creative, huge spaces are left open for the listener to engulf themselves into various melodic passages. The drums and bass play a significant part in developing the structures. From the opening track 'Thrust' to 'Little Defeats, Tiny Victories' these give you perfect understanding of what Allochiria are about. It's a genre I'm digging the more I listen to it and suits my style of thinking when I approach music.

The guitar sound is heavy, crisp and loaded with effects. This gives it its dream-like atmosphere and hazy wandering vibe. 'Cracking Fractals' is a very interesting track. Many different elements and a really nice heavy explosive passage at the end where vocalist Irene screams her lungs out. The bass pulsates and I'm loving this raw ending to the song.

Atmospheric and psychedelic, you can easily just drift off to another world. She carries her vocals well. In parts she can soften it ever so slightly so it blends with the music and when she lets her vocals go they are filled with anger, anguish and pain. I like her style a lot and the band bend the rules of the genre ever so slightly. The overall production is very good. The instruments are allowed to breathe, the drums are big sounding and with the bass they hold the whole album together, giving the rest of the instruments room to roam freely.

'Denouement' is last up and it's a really heavy ending to the album. Leads sway between and underneath the screaming tortured vocals. One of my favourite tracks. There has been a natural progression since their first EP and last album and this is great to see and hear. This is a good solid album. I think there are many parts that music fans will really get their teeth into - this band may convert me into widening my spectrum of genres even further!

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Thrust
2. Little Defeats, Tiny Victories
3. Cracking Fractals
4. Lifespotting
5. Counting Fives
6. Denouement

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes

Visit the Allochiria bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-06-17 by Riccardo Veronese
Rotten Copper
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