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Ruin : Ruin

Ruin's acoustic-tinged melodic Death/Doom debut gets stronger as it progresses.

Ruin are a band that lay siege to the more melodic side of Doom metal. They originate from Canada, and their musical themes covers grandeur and nature. They have great scope in their guitar work and this flows between the vocals and piano. Reviews so far have been quite positive, so I was happily ready to give this a spin.

'Contagion' starts with a beautifully crafted acoustic passage, before heavy guitars throw their weight down. Death grunts accompany the music, with synths blending in. The shift from slow to fast then slow again is great. Dream-like melodies glide underneath spoken vocals. Zack and Adam share the responsibilities of vocals as well as all the other instruments.

'Beyond Good And Evil' starts epically. Solos are well thought out and play majestically over the music. There is more atmosphere to this song. It's one of the short ones, which is a shame as you just start to get your teeth into it when it ends.

Piano begins 'And She Wept'. A feeling of sorrow and desperation fill my head. The song bursts into life with rapid guitar riffs and growls. We are treated to clean vocals. These could benefit with a high melody or something to balance them out. You almost cry out for female vocals to carry it along.

'The Core' is big and atmospheric. Melodic and dark, it has a Funeral Doom feel to it. It reminds me of some of Shape of Despair's new stuff in the beginning riffs. The twin harmonies on the vocals are crafted really well. The song ebbs in and out of tempo changes.

'Cubensis' is an acoustically sombre piece of music. A little time of reflection, midway through the album. You almost feel like this is the start of another chapter in the album.

'The Sleeper Awakens' is my favourite track. The intro is big and powerful, before it slows and opens to clean singing and mournful lyrics. The overall production is good. I would have liked it a bit heavier sounding which would have benefited the larger, deeper guitar chords.

'Withering Of Gaia' is yet another song filled with emotion. The clean vocals are much stronger here with them being layered. They sound richer and fuller and blend better with the growls. Another favourite of mine.

This is definitely an album, for me, that gets stronger as it goes along. Each track gets more emotional, alive and forming a connection with you. Added touches of soft piano here and there add to the ambience. Drums hold their own in the mix, and drive the music along without getting too much in your face. A lot of the songs rely heavily on clean acoustic vibes at the start, building and building till they reach their peak.

The album draws to an end with 'A Distant View'. It's the longest track at just over seven minutes. A great ending, and I think this band have a lot of potential to expand going forward. A really strong listen, and a new band to look out for.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Contagion I
2. Beyond Good And Evil
3. And She Wept
4. The Core
5. Cubensis
6. The Sleeper Awakens
7. Withering Of Gaia
8. Chapter One
9. Contagion II
10. A Distant View

Duration : Approx. 46 minutes

Visit the Ruin bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-05-21 by Riccardo Veronese
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